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Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Review: Tell the World I’m Coming Home

mass-effect-3-omega-dlc-bannerThe Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC was an interesting topic of discussion before its release. While most Mass Effect fans loved Aria T’Loak, the overlord of the Omega space station, would doing a mission with her as a squadmate be worth the $15 that BioWare was charging? When it was released Lair of the Shadow Broker was the most expensive piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC but Omega set a new record price for BioWare DLC. That forced the comparison with Shadow Broker in terms of quality and value whether that was BioWare’s intention or not. Could ME3: Omega live up to the legacy of LotSB? Read the rest of this entry


Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Review: The Case Book of Detective Shepard

mass-effect-3-leviathan-dlc-bannerTwo months after they released the Extended Cut DLC, BioWare released their second single-player DLC mission for Mass Effect 3. The Leviathan DLC promised to look at the history of the Reapers. The new mission takes the game for a dark and eerie turn over its three-hour play time for the price of $10. Those numbers put it right in line with Mass Effect 2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker but can ME3’s first post-launch single-player DLC stand up to the epic Shadow Broker DLC? Read the rest of this entry

Ubisoft Exec Says that DLC is “Pretty Much Accepted” by Gamers

ubisoft-money-logo-bannerUbisoft executives are just a gift for bloggers looking for something to write. In the last year, they’ve said that they only want to launch new IPs that can become franchises, called making Beyond Good & Evil a mistake, tried bribing members of the press at a Watch Dogs event and gotten developers to dumb down PC game graphics to comparable to console levels. All this and people still give Ubisoft their money.

Now, they want you to know how much they appreciate continuing to give them money. Ubisoft’s Vice President of Digital Publishing, Chris Early, told that there was “no resistance” to their latest DLC strategy and that DLC is pretty much accepted by gamers now.

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BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode One Review: Beyond the Sea

bioshock-infinite-burial-at-sea-episode-one-bannerAs someone who has BioShock on their personal top ten games of all-time list and top three of 2013, I had to go back to play the DLC that marries the two worlds of Rapture and Columbia together. But is Burial at Sea capable of properly combining two memorable stories and two memorable settings into one cohesive whole or does Burial at Sea come off as nothing but BioShock fan service for the sake of nostalgia?

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Critics Corner: The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC

the-last-of-us-left-behind-dlc-headerGiven the epic story of The Last of Us, expectations for the game’s first were through the roof. Very seldom are DLCs better than the main campaign and I think the reviews indicate that for the Left Behind DLC. Many critics say that it’s as good as the main campaign but not better.

However, could you really get better than the story in The Last of Us in a DLC? I guess you would have to be able to define what could have been better and how to make it better to improve upon the original in a DLC. The story was just about perfect, in my opinion, so all that was left to improve on was the gameplay. The Last of Us isn’t a gameplay driven game so it wouldn’t make much sense to overhaul gameplay for a DLC that people are playing for the story.

Let’s face it, DLC is a tricky thing to get right. Very seldom is there a DLC that stands up to the main campaign. So rare is a DLC considered worth the money that it becomes noteworthy in the gaming news cycle. Most just feel like something that was pulled from the main game and padded a bit to make a bit more money. The great ones are those that actually have time, effort and care put into their development.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic about DLCs. How good was Naughty Dog’s first-ever single-player DLC? Here’s what the critics think.

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Warner Bros. Says Arkham Origins DLC a Priority Over Bug Fixes

batman-arkham-origins-bannerWarner Bros. has stuck a fork in the Batman: Arkham franchise. Some would argue that they already did that when they took control of the series from Rocksteady and handed it to rookie developers WB Games Montreal.

A community manager took to the game’s official forum to announce that WB Montreal had suspended work on patching the game and had devoted itself to working on the game’s DLC.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea DLC – Episode One

burial-at-sea-episode-one-poster-artIt looks like 2K Games is all aboard the DLC train this week. Yesterday, we looked at the Enemy Within expansion for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Today, it’s the first part of the two-part Burial at Sea DLC for BioShock Infinite. If you haven’t played through to the end of Infinite, chances are that there are some spoilers in the reviews, this post and the DLC itself so consider yourself forewarned.

Opinion on the first real narrative driven BioShock Infinite DLC seems to really be split on whether you’re partial to using the term “ludonarrative dissonance.” If you thought it was a big issue with Infinite proper, you’ll find the same here. The narrative apparently doesn’t have quite the same moral undertones of the game proper’s so that might also be a detracting point for some. Though everyone agrees that the game looks gorgeous. Since BioShock doesn’t work on Windows 7, this might be one of the few opportunities for PC gamers to visit Rapture in all its glory.

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Saints Row IV Gets “GATV” DLC

saints-row-iv-gatv-dlcSince I’ve looked at a bunch of GTA5 related stuff to start the day, let’s segue to something a bit more comical.

The Saints Row series was originally considered to be a GTA clone though SR4 certainly distanced itself from Grand Theft Auto. That doesn’t mean that they can’t still have a little fun at GTA’s expense.

Today, Saints Row is getting the GATV DLC pack which is a Johnny Gat themed customization pack. If you missed it the first time, re-read that DLC’s name slowly, though, if you’re like me, you probably did a double-take to make sure you read the DLC’s name correctly. I thought this was worth a bit of a chuckle.

It’s currently available for free on Steam for a very limited time. If you have SR4, get on that now.

Source: CVG

Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Review: An End, Once and For All

mass-effect-3-citadel-dlc-bannerThis is it, isn’t it? One last ride with Commander Shepard as we take on a group of well-armed and ill-intentioned bad guys in order to save the galaxy with our friends in tow. BioWare made us well aware that this was going to be the final piece of DLC released for Mass Effect 3. In effect, Citadel would be a send-off for the series that people had invested so much time and energy into over the last six years.

So how was our ride into the sunset with Commander Shepard and crew?

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The Detailed Breakdown of Mass Effect 3: Reckoning Multiplayer DLC

mass-effect-3-reckoning-02-geth-juggernautThe final Mass Effect 3 multiplayer add-on pack is being released today. BioWare says that today’s Reckoning DLC will be the fifth and last free piece of downloadable content for ME3’s multiplayer mode.

As usual, BioWare is being tight-lipped about the details of Reckoning. If you do enough digging, you might be able to piece together what you’ll get when you download the DLC. But why do that when we’ve already compiled all the info and rumours about Reckoning for you. Read the rest of this entry

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