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Programming Note for July 25 to August 5

Hello readers. I have a quick update on what to expect on the blog for the next couple of weeks.

For the next two weeks, we’ll be running some old reviews from our sister site, The Lowdown, for the first time on et geekera. While these games and reviews are several years old, they will be edited updated slightly so that they won’t be quite as originally presented but the gist of the review will remain the same.


There Are No Daily or Flash Sales During the Fall and Winter Steam Sales

steam-sale-wallpaperThe 2015 edition of the Steam Fall/Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale is just underway. For gamers, it’s kind of like early Christmas. You can get deep discounts on those games that you wanted to buy at $60 but held off knowing that this day would come.

There will be a change for this year’s fall and winter sales that you might have already noticed. Last week, Valve sent notice to publishers that there would be no daily deals or flash sales during the sale. Instead, the discount they set will be fixed for the duration of the sale.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Comes with a Ridiculous Pre-Order Scheme

deus-ex-mankind-divided-headerSometimes, it really pays to read beyond the headline. For example, if you were sent a press release that says “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Date Revealed,” you would think that the press release was mostly about the game’s launch date and a little bit about what is available for pre-order.

That what I thought it was until I got to the subheading of “Player Choice Prevails with Augment Your Pre-Order Campaign; Collector’s Edition Unveiled.” At first glance, player choice and pre-order bonuses seems like it’s a long-awaited change to the typical pre-order plan. Then you see how Square Enix has put it together and you can’t but help but hit your head off your desk.

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PSA: Metal Gear Solid V was Reviewed in a Controlled Environment

metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-headerAs of writing, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, what may go down in history as the last great Konami game, has been getting near unanimous game of the year calibre reviews. The current Metacritic average is 95% with five of 20 reviews scoring it perfect and 12 of 20 reviews scoring it at or above 95%.

There’s just one problem with those reviews. They were all done at a Konami supervised review event that saw all reviewers play the game for 8 hours per day with no unsupervised play allowed.

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Hold on to Your Wallets! The Steam Fall Sale Starts November 26

steam-sale-wallpaperWith American Thanksgiving coming up this week, you knew that it wasn’t a matter of if there would be a big Steam sale this week but when it would be. An email from PayPal has revealed that this year’s Steam Fall Sale will start on Wednesday, November 26th at 1:00 PM EST.

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What Do You Want to See From et geekera in 2014?

As I mentioned earlier this morning, today is et geekera’s one year anniversary of existence. The traffic, comments and readership grew far faster than I was expecting since we were jumping into a very big, very competitive pool of geek interest blogs.

Now that we’re one year in, I think now is a good time to do a big picture examination of the direction of the blog and I thought I would solicit some opinions about what you like, what you don’t like and what you’d like to see in the future.

After the jump, I have a few polls and a feedback form to give us some feedback.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 25, 2013

steam-holiday-sale-2013-headerMerry Christmas everyone! It’s time for another set of deals with today’s Steam Holiday Sale. Now that you’ve treated others, it’s time to treat yourself to some good games at great prices.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 24, 2013

steam-holiday-sale-2013-header-dec-21Okay, I’m a little late with today’s Steam Sale info which might be troublesome for strategy gamers because you’re the biggest beneficiaries of the active flash sales. There are some recent releases available during the active daily deals should you be interested in those.

By the way, has anyone else ever noticed how terrible the Call of Duty sales always seem to be? You’d think they’d practically be giving away the older versions. Nope. Just 25% off. I think Activision is happy just taking money from the console folk.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 23, 2013

steam-holiday-sale-2013-header-dec-23We’ve reached the fifth day of the Steam Holiday Sale and I think I may call today The Day of Many Regrets. There are a lot of games on sale today that I bought for more than what I would have today.

For example, I bought Borderlands 2 and the Season Pass for about $25. Today, Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition is only $15. Amnesia: The Dark Decent is on for 80% off instead of the 75% off I bought it at. I’m pretty sure I would have saved an extra 25% on Dead Space 2. Add in yesterday’s deals that I overpaid on including Antichamber, Rogue Legacy, Max Payne 3 and Tomb Raider and you can see why I would call this a day of regrets.

You won’t regret getting them. You just regret buying them too soon. Damn Steam and their fantastic sales!

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 22, 2013

steam-holiday-sale-2013-headerWhether your thing is indie darlings or epic RPGs, today’s daily deals have you covered. Some of the year’s best indie games and some legendary RPGs are up for the taking for $4.99 or less. This is the point of the Steam Sale where your wallet is hopelessly decimated.

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