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The Last of Us Live Show Includes Secret Epilogue

the-last-of-us-one-night-liveAhead of yesterday’s release of The Last of Us: Remastered on PlayStation 4, the folks at Naughty Dog (and marketing guru masquerading as a journalist Geoff Keighley) put together a special one night only stage performance of The Last of Us.

The live performance of scenes from the game also included a special treat at the end for those in attendance. There was a special epilogue scene that game director Neil Druckmann said was only included for the stage show and won’t be included in any release of The Last of Us going forward.

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Naughty Dog Announces The Last of Us Movie and Uncharted Release Date

uncharted-movie-release-dateIt may not have a script or cast and may be on its third director but that doesn’t mean that Sony Pictures isn’t charging ahead with the movie adaptation of Sony Computer Entertainment’s flagship Uncharted franchise. At Comic Con last weekend, Sony announced the latest plans for Naughty Dog on the big screen which includes an adaptation of The Last of Us.

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Critics Corner: The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC

the-last-of-us-left-behind-dlc-headerGiven the epic story of The Last of Us, expectations for the game’s first were through the roof. Very seldom are DLCs better than the main campaign and I think the reviews indicate that for the Left Behind DLC. Many critics say that it’s as good as the main campaign but not better.

However, could you really get better than the story in The Last of Us in a DLC? I guess you would have to be able to define what could have been better and how to make it better to improve upon the original in a DLC. The story was just about perfect, in my opinion, so all that was left to improve on was the gameplay. The Last of Us isn’t a gameplay driven game so it wouldn’t make much sense to overhaul gameplay for a DLC that people are playing for the story.

Let’s face it, DLC is a tricky thing to get right. Very seldom is there a DLC that stands up to the main campaign. So rare is a DLC considered worth the money that it becomes noteworthy in the gaming news cycle. Most just feel like something that was pulled from the main game and padded a bit to make a bit more money. The great ones are those that actually have time, effort and care put into their development.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic about DLCs. How good was Naughty Dog’s first-ever single-player DLC? Here’s what the critics think.

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7 Best Games of the 7th Generation: The Honourable Mentions

Having given you my list of the seven best games of the last generation of consoles, I thought that I should give you a brief look at some of the games that were on the shortlist but didn’t quite make the cut.

Over the course of eight years and thousands of games, cutting a list of the best of the best down to only seven game leaves many deserving games on the sidelines. So to close out our series looking at the best games of the last generation of consoles, here’s a look at some of the games that were under serious consideration for the list.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: The Last of Us

the-last-of-us-coverAs the current console generation slowly grinds to a close, the quality of games has gone up a notch this year as developers are able to get every last bit of performance out of the technology. The result is games that are visually stunning while still having a compelling narrative and fun gameplay.

While we’ve had couple of early game of the year contenders in Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite and a couple more coming up later in Grand Theft Auto V and Beyond: Two Souls, this week’s big release just vaulted to the top of the list. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us came in with massive hype because of who was developing it, even if it could have ended up being just another zombie game.

Instead, as seems to be the case for Naughty Dog releases during this generation, The Last of Us may not just be the game of the year but the best game released on the PlayStation 3 and one of the greatest games ever made.

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