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New Cybersecurity Bill Could Infringe on Your Privacy and Destroy Net Neutrality

cybersecurity-bannerAmerican citizens are not only having to fight a battle for the future of the internet with the commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission but they will also have to do battle with their elected officials.

A new bill that’s going through the Senate threatens to almost eliminate your data privacy and kill net neutrality at the same time.

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The International 2014’s Prize Pool Tops $10 Million

the-international-bannerWhen the first Dota 2 world championship took place, it was hyped as the chance to become an eSports millionaire overnight as Na’Vi took home a $1,000,000 grand prize for winning the tournament.

This year’s edition of The International will take the idea of becoming an eSports millionaire to the next level. Not only will the winning team pick up the biggest prize in eSports history but each member of the winning team could earn over $1,000,000.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 29, 2014 (Final Day)

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerIt’s the final day of the 2014 edition of the Steam Summer Sale. You have less than 24 hours to pick up those must-own games on your wishlist. And since there are no more Flash Sales or Community Choices, you don’t have to worry about overpaying on Steam anymore.

So it’s Encore Day to close out the Steam Sale. If there’s a game that you wanted during the sale, chances are that it’s on deep discount since there are 40 games featured as a daily deal. To help you keep things straight. The front page deals are listed separately of the hidden or associated deals. Trust me, there are a lot of big discounts today. I may have missed a few and I’ve assembled a massive list of discounts for you.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 28, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerSteam, being the very open and good at advance warning type of people that they are, have quietly said that today is the final day for the Summer Adventure. If you want to score points, you have to craft those badges by 1:00 PM tomorrow (June 29th). I guess they don’t want to be giving out games after the sale ends on the 30th slash they want to give you a chance to buy games you won’t win before the sale ends.

Anyway, today’s sale is my wallet buster. Chivalry and Baldur’s Gate II are both on daily deals and Broken Age is a flash sale right now. Transistor is still on daily deal from yesterday. And… they’re in my library. See? That’s some of my wishlist taken care of. Still waiting for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD to go on flash sale but I’m not going to pass on it if it doesn’t. I think you’ll find some good stuff too. Lots of good stuff is on sale right now.

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Geek Links of the Week

The MPAA tried taking down /r/FullLengthFilms because of piracy and all that. What they didn’t realize is that 1) Google isn’t going for it; and 2) They more than quadrupled the popularity of the subreddit in a textbook case of the Streisand Effect. [Vice]

Are you interested in being a YouTube Let’s Player and trying to become internet famous? A video game lawyer has some tips to help you avoid copyright issues on YouTube. [Gamasutra]

I’ve got two Vice links for you today. This one looks at the first video game and internet addiction rehab centre in America. [Vice]

Living in Northern Ontario, eSports isn’t really a big deal. So it’s pretty cool to see the scale of some of these events like this look at how big DreamHack Summer 2014 was. [Red Bull]

Steam Summer Sale: June 27, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerWe’re entering the final weekend of the 2014 edition of the Steam Summer Sale. I haven’t bought too, too much during this sale but I bet I’ll be able to clear off a pile of games from my wishlist by Monday if they aren’t going on a daily/flash deal.

Just remember that the sale ends on June 30th. That should be 1:00 PM EDT on June 30th so don’t wait too long to make those last-minute purchases.

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The Pugs of Westeros

While it’s not like you need to do much to promote Game of Thrones, it is one of the most watched shows on cable, the folks behind Blinkbox, a UK-based digital video service, decided that pugs were the best way to promote the release of Season Four of Game of Thrones on their service.

So for today’s Friday of Ice and Fire, we have pug dogs dressed up as the various characters of Game of Thrones. Don’t ask. Just enjoy.

YouTube Adding Support for 48 and 60 FPS

youtube-bannerEven if it didn’t seem like a slow end of the news week, this would be a big headline. At VidCon last night, YouTube announced that the internet’s biggest video site will soon be adding support for videos that will play back at 48 and 60 frames per second.

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eSports Weekend Calendar: June 27 – 29, 2014

Just as I start the eSports Weekend Calendar feature, I figure out that it’s a lot harder than I originally envisioned. Every community has their own calendars of varying size but now that ESGN’s website seems to have been shut down, there isn’t one calendar that covers most major eSports. As such, our eSports Calendar won’t have much outside the biggest events for now.

Anyway, this weekend’s eSports calendar has a couple of big events. The 2014 GSL Season 2 final is on Saturday as will see soO and Classic duel in a Best of 7 series for the championship. Dota 2 also gets a massive showcase before this year’s edition of The International. It’s ESL One: Frankfurt from Commerzbank Arena, a football stadium in Frankfurt that hosted five matches of the 2006 World Cup and four matches, including the final, of the 2011 Women’s World Cup. That should be a pretty amazing spectacle.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 26, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerI can’t win a daily deal vote but I’m going to pretend that I’m actually helping the Red Team to victory in the Steam Summer Adventure. Just when we all thought that everyone was taking turns winning, the Red Team pulled off two straight wins and are going for their third-straight today.

Meanwhile, there are still sales happening. Today is what I’m going to call the sequel sale. AC4, Civ5, L4D2 and the Resident Evil games are all on sale. If you’re interested in franchises, this is a good day to jump in with a purchase (or five).

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