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The Humble Deep Silver Bundle?

I could be wrong but I think that Deep Silver secretly bought the rights to sell games via Humble Bundle in the THQ bankruptcy fire sale? That’s the only logical explanation for the latest Humble Bundle being the Humble Deep Silver Bundle.

The base deal includes copies of Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2: Dark Waters and Sacred 2 Gold. If you pay more than the average, you add on the SR3 Full Package (season pass) and Dead Island: GOTY Edition. As an extra bonus for big spenders, dropping $25 or more gets you Dead Island: Riptide.

I’d imagine a lot of people picked these games up during a past Steam Sale or even during the Humble THQ Bundle. If you haven’t, here’s a chance. But if you do own some of these games, folks on Reddit say the Bundle doesn’t let you gift those games. They just disappear. Suddenly, $25 for DI:R and the SR3 season pass doesn’t appeal to me.

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Ouya Monetization “Better Than Expected” Despite 73% of Users Not Buying a Game

ouya-headerIn a recent interview with The Verge, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman said that, “Monetization on Ouya is so far better than we expected.”

The problem with that statement is that is makes no sense by almost every objective metric. In the first month following the $99 console’s release, only 27% of owners have paid for a game. That leaves three-quarters of consoles sticking with the free games and trials currently available.

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Australian Government Inquiry Says High Tech Prices Aren’t Justified

The Australian House of Representatives Infrastructure and Communications Committee released its findings report after a lengthy 12-month inquiry into the pricing of technology in Australia. The committee was determining if Australian consumers were actually higher than other countries and if those price increases were justified.

The committee concluded that Australians paid a massive premium on tech products with Aussies paying an average of 50% more than consumers in other countries with some prices being up to 100% more.

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Comic Book Pull List for July 31, 2013

captain-midnight-1Well, I’ve certainly found some interesting offerings if you’re looking for something just a little bit different from this week’s comic book releases. Dark Horse continues its “new superhero initiative” with the debut of the vintage styled Captain Midnight in Captain Midnight #1. Wolverine has a very unique new culinary mystery series written by Top Chef Masters winner Chris Cosentino called Wolverine In The Flesh #1.  And the Judge Dredd Year One arc ends in Judge Dredd: Year One #4.

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Phil Fish vs. Marcus Beer Says More About Games Journalism than Either Man

phil-fish-headerThe weekend’s big gaming news story wasn’t about a new game or another major announcement but a feud between two gaming personalities.

On one side was Marcus Beer, GameTrailer’s Annoyed Gamer, who criticized prominent indie developers Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow for not commenting on Microsoft allowing indie game self-publishing on the Xbox One. On the other side was the aforementioned Phil Fish who didn’t take kindly to Beer lobbing personal insults at him on video.

However, I don’t think that the takeaway from this feud should be anything about either Beer or Fish. I think how this feud started says more about how this gaming journalism works and why it might be irreparably broken.

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The Evolution of Wolverine’s Costume (Infographic)

Since The Wolverine hit theatres this weekend, what better time to take a visual look back at Wolverine over time. If you’ve only ever seen Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the live action X-Men movies, we’d understand how you wouldn’t know that Wolverine’s outfit is traditionally yellow and blue since you’ve only really seen him in black leather. However, there’s more to Wolverine’s look than blue, yellow and black.


Square Enix’s Lightning Returns Redesign Doesn’t Help Gaming’s Sexist Reputation

lightning-returns-final-fantasy-xiii-wallpaperA pair of reports from Square Enix’s Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Premium Event say that the game’s design team were more than willing to talk about some of the redesign work on main character Lightning. Unfortunately, the work Square Enix has put into Lightning ahead of her big solo game wasn’t on character development but on her chest size.

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Activision Buys Out Vivendi For $5.83 Billion

activision-blizzard-vivendi-bannerLast week, we reported that Activision’s parent company (and majority owner) Vivendi was going to make the publisher pay out a massive dividend that would nearly tap all of Activision’s cash reserves.

Just days later, Activision decided that it wasn’t going to pay the dividend and indicated such by buying back Vivendi’s majority stake in the company in a deal with $5.83 billion.

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Microsoft to Allow Indie Self-Publishing on Xbox One

xbox-one-console-bannerMicrosoft’s road to PR redemption is slowly but surely continuing. I guess when you bottomed out in public perception, it’s pretty hard to do anything but improve how you’re perceived.

After backtracking on the console’s always-connected DRM and hinting that they might find a way to bring back family sharing, Microsoft has made overtures to the developing community by changing policies to allow indie games to be self-published on Xbox One.

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Phil Fish Getting Out of Games, Cancels Fez 2

fez-2-logoPhil Fish, the controversial Montreal-based developer behind the critically acclaimed Fez, announced that he is cancelling Fez 2 and is planning to get out of the games industry.

This news follows a rather public, rather vulgar Twitter spat with games media personality Marcus Beer, also known as GameTrailers’ Annoyed Gamer, over Phil’s refusal to comment to the gaming media about Microsoft’s about-face on its indie self-publishing policy.

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