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Haven: Bad Blood Review

haven-title-card-bannerWe’ve finally got some progress in Haven this week. Sure, life with Nathan might be same old, same old but the other main players saw their story progress. All it took was a cheesy horror movie monster that was neither cheesy or horrific to move things on the Duke front while Jennifer and Audrey got some properly interesting moments this week.

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Valve Makes the First Controller Innovation in 16 Years with the Steam Controller

steam-controller-headerIn 1997, Sony completely changed the way that controllers were designed and console games were played with the launch of the Dual Analog controllers. From there, we’ve seen some tweaks to controller design but very little in meaningful controller innovation outside of the recent move to motion controls.

While Valve’s announcement of Steam Machines was a bit underwhelming, their third announcement was a definite game changer. Their new Steam Controller looks to be the first big change in controller design in the last sixteen years.

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Geek Links of the Week

Wednesday, we mentioned that YouTube was overhauling its comment section to clean things up. Pop Sci is doing the opposite. They’re shutting down their comments to clean it up. [Popular Science]

You may not know that Valve operates using a fairly unusual flat organizational structure. It’s very much different from what the other big players in the industry use. [BBC News]

I’ve been banging on about game ratings and parental intervention lately. It’s not just me either. This retailer is concerned about who parents are buying for too. [Kotaku]

Looking for some free PC games to pad out your non-console gaming collection? PC Gamer has you covered. [PC Gamer]

Are you a soccer fan who has a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS? For the love of god, DON’T BUY FIFA 14 FOR THOSE CONSOLES! FIFA 14 for Vita and 3DS is just a roster update of last year’s edition. [GearNuke]

EA Sports Cancels College Football 15, Settles Lawsuit

ea-sports-ncaa-football-14People looking forward to the next installment of EA Sports’ annual college football franchise will just have to do the annual roster update themselves. EA has cancelled next year’s edition of EA Sports College Football (formerly NCAA Football) and may be cancelling the franchise altogether as a result of player likeness lawsuits and licensing withdrawals by the NCAA and some of it member conferences.

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AMD Goes Big with Mantle API and Next-Gen GPU Announcement

amd-radeon-r9-290xRumours ahead of Wednesday’s announcement by AMD at their GPU14 Tech Day event said that AMD was going to be unveiling something that would top NVIDIA’s flagship Titan graphics card at less than the price of the GTX 780. Not only is AMD taking the fight to NVIDIA but they’re also going after DirectX by trying to bring console-level graphics optimization to the PC.

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Dark Horse is Launching a New Firefly Comic Series

dark-horses-serenity-headerFor all the talk about movie sequels and Netflix TV series revivals, we haven’t had any more Firefly. But, as we all know, you can’t stop the signal and no power in the verse can stop Firefly. Browncoats looking for more Firefly will be getting that from an upcoming comic series published by Dark Horse Comics.

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Valve Announces “Steam Machines” but No Details

steam-machines-headerMonday’s surprise announcement of the SteamOS was followed by  a logical second of three announcements. Yesterday’s big Steam announcement was Valve telling us what we already knew. Valve is working on Steam branded hardware to bring gaming to the living room.

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Our hero, The Science Guy himself, Bill Nye, survived the first round of eliminations on Dancing with the Stars. Now that we’ve spared him the embarrassment of being eliminated first, we can keep him going until ABC stops counting our votes. You can vote now to keep him safe in next Monday’s elimination.

YouTube is Rolling Out New Google+ Powered Comments

youtube-bannerReading the comments under YouTube videos isn’t particularly viable. It’s probably the most Mos Eisley place on the internet this side of ignorant Tea Partiers on Twitter. Now, YouTube is overhauling their commenting system using Google+ to help power the new comment structure.

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Microsoft Unveils Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Tablets

microsoft-surface-headerEven though Microsoft wrote down the value of their Surface tablet inventory by $900 million back in July and slashed the retail price of their tablet offerings to try to increase sales, they haven’t given up on their entry into the tablet market. On Monday, Microsoft launched their second salvo in the tablet market by unveiling their new and improved Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets.

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