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Nintendo Unveils the Nintendo Switch

nintendo-switch-logoThe Nintendo NX name is no more as Nintendo officially unveiled its next console, the hybrid Nintendo Switch.

As had been rumoured for months, the Switch is a hybrid portable and home console that will allow you to play the same games at home and on the go with a near seamless switch from the Switch dock to portable ready.

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Reports Say Nintendo NX is a Portable Console that Connects to Your TV

nintendo-nx-concept-logoPeople have been speculating and reporting about the upcoming Nintendo NX for months now but a new report by Eurogamer seems to bring the NX into focus before its targeted launch of March 2017. Their report says that the NX will be a powerful portable console that can also serve as a home console by connecting it to your TV and detaching the controllers from the mobile unit.

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Here Are Some Canadian Pokemon to Celebrate the Canadian Launch of Pokemon Go

Our long national nightmare is finally over. Pokemon Go has officially launched in Canada and you’ll be dodging people trying to catch ’em all while driving in your car, walking down the sidewalk or even in your own home. While Nintendo, Niantic and Game Freak won’t do much anything to celebrate this monumental occasion, artist Darren Calvert has some pretty good ideas with this gallery of Canadian Pokemon. Tell me that you wouldn’t want to catch a Newfie or Bobndug.

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Nintendo Shares Soar on Pokemon Go Popularity

pokemon-go-bannerIt might not be out worldwide yet and revenue totals haven’t been tallied but Pokemon Go is already a smash hit for Nintendo. In the two business days since Nintendo’s latest mobile game was launched, their stock has climbed over 30% and added $7.5 billion to the value of Nintendo.

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E3 2016: Nintendo Trailers Roundup

Nintendo was the last company to do their E3 presentation. This year, they eschewed from using their Nintendo Direct presentation format and instead did a Nintendo Treehouse let’s stream type of format. The change in format seems to be a result of Nintendo not having too much to show at the moment apart from new Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games.

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Nintendo Rumoured to be Funding Beyond Good and Evil Sequel

beyond-good-and-evil-headerIt’s not unusual to see console manufacturers step in to bail out third-party publishers to help them make games that wouldn’t otherwise be made. In the last year, we have seen Sony step in to fund Street Fighter V while Microsoft stepped in to continue Lara Croft’s adventure in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Rumours suggest that Nintendo is getting in on that act. A source for accurate games industry news leaked documents to the press that indicates that Nintendo is throwing its money on a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil.

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Game Trailers Roundup for March 7, 2016

It’s time to end the day with a look at the video game trailers from the week that was in the Game Trailers Roundup. There was a Nintendo Direct last week which means that we have five Nintendo trailers of the twelve in this week’s roundup. We have launch trailers, announcement trailers and Codemasters even put together a trailer of community footage for Dirt Rally.

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Latest Nintendo NX Rumours Suggest It Could Be Separate Handheld and Console Devices for $200

nintendo-nx-concept-logoNintendo’s next generation console, codenamed the NX, might be closer than you think based on recent rumours. Over the last week, there have been rumours about everything from what form the NX will take, how much it will cost, when we might see it, how powerful it will be and what Nintendo is planning to put on it.

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E3 2015: Best and Worst of E3

e3-2015-bannerIt’s probably ever so slightly late for us to have a best and worst or winners and losers of E3 post but it’s my hobbie so I’m going to do it a bit late to be of much use to anyone. Well, that’s not strictly true. The shortest wait until a major game from E3 comes out is some three months so that means that there is plenty of time for us to reflect on the state of gaming in the wake of the biggest games industry show of 2015.

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E3 2015: Nintendo Trailer Roundup

nintendo-e3-2015-announcementAs we have come to expect from Nintendo, their E3 presentation focused largely on first-party titles and franchises. While a number of the announced games for the Wii U were previously announced, the 3DS got all of the big surprises and reveals. Nintendo’s handheld got some new entries in a number of Nintendo’s legendary franchises including The Legend of Zeldo, Mario, Metroid and Animal Crossing. While Nintendo might have been lacking the overall punch on console that Sony and Microsoft had, fans should still be happy with what they saw.

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