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How We Score Video Game Reviews

We’ve done a few video game reviews here on et geekera but we haven’t really explained what the scores mean. Sure, the scores at the end of the reviews are a reflection of the content of the rest of the review but we haven’t expressly said what constitutes a full endorsement and what is a game that must be avoided at all costs. Read the rest of this entry


RIM Officially Launches BB10, Changes Company Name to BlackBerry

The Canadian national nightmare is finally over. RIM has finally officially announced the launch of its much-anticipated BlackBerry 10 operating system and the first two phones to use their new OS, the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10.

Oh, and Research In Motion decided that now was a very good time to rebrand the whole company. From today, RIM is dead. Long live BlackBerry! I mean, RIM has changed its name to BlackBerry. Makes sense. Everyone called it that anyway. Read the rest of this entry

Science’s Biggest Moments of 2012 (Infographic)

It’s probably a little late to do a 2012 year-in-review but we’re going to give you one more look at last year. There were some big milestones in science in 2012 from the discover of the Higgs boson to a NASA rover landing on Mars and more. To remind you of some of the year’s big science discoveries, we found this handy infographic. Read the rest of this entry

Beware of The Fake Geek Girl

When we say that we’re a geek blog for geeks and want to take the word geek back, we aren’t kidding. That’s why it’s our duty to warn you about THE FAKE GEEK GIRL!

Okay, this is just a fake movie trailer for done in the style of a drive-in B-horror-movie but who doesn’t love the campish awesomeness of vintage B-movies.

10000000 Review: What’s In a Name?

10000000-logo-box-artAnother iOS port to PC. I’ve had such good luck with iOS games that why shouldn’t I pick up another iOS game ported to PC. After all, it’s not like Death Rally was an over-priced, under-performing game or Super Hexagon made me physically ill. Oh wait…

That brings me to the latest iOS port to make it Steam and subsequently make a dent in my wallet. 10000000 (that’s “ten million” because developer EightyEightGames doesn’t believe in commas… or spaces) is a puzzle-RPG hybrid that sees you fight your way through a dungeon with the ultimate goal of scoring 10,000,000 points in a run. When you find that tidbit of information, the game’s title makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry

BioWare Bosses Tease ME3 DLC on Twitter

mass-effect-3-citadel-dlc-unofficial-bannerAs much crap as BioWare has taken over Mass Effect 3 (and Dragon Age 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic), we sure as hell pay attention to every little thing they do. Yesterday, producer Mike Gamble and director/producer Casey Hudson tweeted a couple of promotional images from the upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLCs. Read the rest of this entry

What is Vine?

The world of social media has a new toy to play with to share short video snippets. Last Thursday, Twitter announced the launch of a video sharing service called Vine. This allows users to create and upload six-second long videos and share them on Twitter and Facebook.

The mainstream splash wasn’t big but it was noticeable. That’s likely because the Vine mobile app that allows you to create these videos is currently available for iOS only. If Apple’s share price is anything to go by, being all in on Apple isn’t quite the best business strategy. The developers haven’t officially announced any plans to launch the app on Android or the other major mobile operating systems.

However, Vinepeek has been profiled a couple of times by the mainstream media. BuzzFeed has already dubbed it the most addicting new website on the internet. Vinepeek is an unofficial/unassociated site that provides a steady stream of Vine videos for you to watch. Apparently it’s both entertaining and voyeuristically creepy.

Vine isn’t the first short-form video tool. Tout boasts 15-second video run times and has numerous high-profile users including various celebrities, news agencies and TV shows. Vine might be the new kid on the block but they’re not the only one and are certainly an underdog to the well-established Tout.

Read the rest of this entry

A New Mass Effect Documentary Hits Kickstarter

One of the biggest, most popular and even most controversial video game series of all-time could be the focus of a new documentary if enough money is raised through a Kickstarter campaign. Nuhfer Media is working on I’m Commander Shepard: A History of Mass Effect, a documentary about the award-winning trilogy which can happen if enough people contribute to the Kickstarter fundraiser.

Nuhfer Media is looking for $5,000 from Kickstarter backers by March 1st. to cover part of the at least $20,000 of expenses the expect to incur in making the documentary. The film is going to be a look back at the development of the game with interviews with writers, producers, artists, voice actors and the game’s fans. It will also touch on the ending to Mass Effect 3 but that won’t be the primary focus. I’ll admit that I’d like to see how series executive producer Casey Hudson would handle real questions and not softball questions from a BioWare PR employee. Read the rest of this entry

Geek Links of the Week

Before he was an enemy of the United States’ Department of Justice, Kim Dotcom and Megaupload cooperated with the investigation on NinjaVideo. [Wired]

BioWare’s Director of Art Neil Thompson says that the first two Dragon Age games looked terrible and the visuals in DA3 will carry the game thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine. That’s not what we want to hear, BioWare. We want to hear that the story is one of the most epic in BioWare history with twists and choices permeating the plot. [OXM]

There’s a porn parody of Community because… Well, of course there is. There’s a porn parody of everything now. [Warming Glow]

Correlation doesn’t mean causation but there has to be something to this chart comparing IE usage to the murder rate. [I Love Charts]

Over on my other blog, I have an infographic chronicling the history of the home video game console. [The Lowdown Blog]

There is No Conflict: Star Trek Director J.J. Abrams to Helm Star Wars Episode VII

george-lucas-jj-abramsDespite previously saying that he declined any involvement in the next Star Wars trilogy, reports say that J.J. Abrams will add the title of director of the first movie of the new Star Wars trilogy to director of the rebooted Star Trek franchise.

In December, Abrams told Empire Magazine that there were some early discussions but he didn’t go forward with discussions over directing one of the upcoming movies because of his loyalty to Star Wars. Because of the friendly rivalry between Star Trek and Star Wars fans, it’s interesting that one director would helm both franchises. Read the rest of this entry

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