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Steam Holiday Sale: January 1, 2015

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-31As promised, I’ve updated the Encore Sale post with some of the hidden encore deals. I added 37 sales to the list today and I’m pretty sure that a little bit of digging will reveal a whole pile of additional deals. And I compiled some of the cool hidden deals found by the folks at /r/GameDealsMeta. That means there are even 50 more deals on the list today that yesterday. See? I promised more and I can deliver.

One little omission from the hidden encore deals that I should note. I didn’t list the discount for The Elder Scrolls Online even though it’s apparently an all-time low price on Steam. Word is that Bethesda has dropped the six-month subscription option which many people are taking as a sign that a switch to a free-to-play model is imminent. Take that rumour for what you will. I wasn’t inclined to buy it before and I’m probably going to hold out even longer now.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 31, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-31It’s encore time for the Steam Holiday Sale. For the next two days until 12:59 PM EST on January 2nd, it’s the encore of the best deals during from the past two weeks of this Steam sale.

There are a lot of deals here so I didn’t have time to get through all of the franchises to look for hidden deals. In tomorrow’s Steam Holiday Sale roundup, I’ll round-up some of the hidden deals on Steam as the sale comes to a close.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 30, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-29Are you an RPG fan? If so, you’ll want to check out the second-last Steam sale day of 2014. It’s full of RPG goodness including Child of Light, Dragon Age: Origins, the Final Fantasy franchise, and The Witcher franchise. So if you would rather level up than shoot em up, your wallet will be hurting today.

Also, a couple of etg favourites are for sale in the Flash Sales with Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes and Spec Ops: The Line.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 29, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-29A little late but not really any less relevant, it’s time for a look at today’s sales over on Steam. I was off watching Big Hero 6 this morning instead of waiting around for today’s sales. I think that it was worth it. It was surprisingly good.

As often seems to be the case with this year’s Steam Holiday Sale, I feel like I’ve seen this lineup of deals before in previous sales. Left 4 Dead, Don’t Starve, Splinter Cell, Battleblock Theater… At least the Half-Life franchise is on sale as a Flash Sale and you can get Gunpoint as a Community Pick. That has to count for something.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 28, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-27We’re into the final week of the Steam Holiday sale so I’d imagine a few people are getting itchy to clear their wishlists. Just remember to wait until a game is listed as a Daily Deal, Flash Sale or Community Pick.

Funny story about buying games though. I bought a couple of game this morning and picked up a few cards as a result. Six cards earned but I got three of one card and two of another. Sometimes, R-N-Jesus isn’t on your side.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 27, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-27Well, I think that today’s the day that I go broke from the Steam Holiday Sale. Today’s sale doesn’t really add anything new to the mix but there are still some deals I want a part of. Like Shovel Knight which was supposed to be one of this year’s best indie games. Throw that in with yesterday’s deals which include one of the year’s best AAA games, Shadow of Mordor, and one of the fastest growing eSports and top shooters in the world, CS:GO, and you have a pretty good lineup today.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 26, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-25Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I guess that’s only really a thing if you’re in the Commonwealth. If you’re in America, it’s Happy Day-After-Christmas-We-Really-Need-To-Get-Rid-Of-Inventory-Sale-Day! Chances are there are deals all over the place if you look around. You have a few hours left to save on Origin which has Battlefield 3 for $1.00. GreenManGaming is wrapping up its sales but also has that additional 20% coupon code that applies to your whole order. GOG is having a classic Square Enix sale. And is usually pretty good for doing discounts that are at least as good as Steam.

And today is a good day to do some looking around for some other deals. It’s not that there aren’t good deals on Steam today. It’s just that they’re the same old deals. CS:GO, Brothers, Thief, Kerbal Space Program… It’s a very been there, done that sort of sale today.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 25, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-25Hi all, I’m taking a break from making side dishes to bring you today’s deals in the Steam Holiday Sale. If you didn’t get what you were looking for from Santa or have a Steam card burning a hole in your pocket, there are some good newer games that are on deep discount today.

A helpful reminder, though, that Steam isn’t the only place to get games for cheap. GreenManGaming is running through the end of its holiday sale. I just picked up Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, a $20 game, for $7.49. Amazon has a sale ongoing right now which is usually pretty good for deals on year-old-plus games. And you can always check your local game stores for their post-Christmas deals.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 24, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-23Merry Christmas Eve everyone. You have one last chance to do your Christmas shopping for your Steam friends with today’s Steam Holiday Sale.

You’ve got a lot of great year or two old games for sale today that are worth a look today. There’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown that comes with all the DLC for 75% off. While Far Cry 4 is still on the pricey side, there’s Far Cry 3 which is pretty close to the same game but far cheaper. And there’s always Terraria which is supposed to be worth it at full price so it must be at 80% off.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 23, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-23Today’s selection of games in the 2014 Steam Holiday Sale might not be the biggest collection of new games and deals but it certainly makes up for it in sheer quantity of deals. A quick count of the deals that I have featured here is 40 games or packs with big discounts. That doesn’t include all the other franchise and DLC deals that you can find by digging through the store pages.

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