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MIT Offering Course on Reddit

reddit-education-headerOne of the terrible things about being a business student in university is that it’s apparently such a theory-intensive major that you have no time for electives. Sure, I had a little bit of leeway for picking my Arts & Humanities and Science credits but I never had anything as interesting as MIT had.

Students at the legendary school can now study Reddit in a course that’s appropriately called “Credit For Reddit.”

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GOG Adds DRM-Free Movies to Catalog

gog-headerWe’re only a couple of weeks removed from a bit of Steam datamining revealing that it looks like Valve will be adding movie sales (among other media) to the platform. Well, the folks at GOG have beaten them to the punch. Yesterday, GOG added 21 DRM-free movies to the site’s catalog.

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TotalBiscuit Examines Gaming Media Role in Hyping Games

I’ve taken to calling the games media a public relations and marketing adjunct of the major game publishers. In exchange for access from the publishers, those publishers get preferential coverage. Sometimes, it’s an implicit agreement. A PR agent for one publisher told me that they would be more inclined to play ball with me if I gave them regular preview coverage. That led to the intentionally disingenuously named “hype train” and trailer roundup blog posts.

However, many writers and publications don’t really tip off which preview coverage has legitimate journalistic or informational merits and which is just disingenuous hype piece. While I don’t have to do that, some really big publications act as hype machines for publishers and developers and show no remorse in doing free publicity work.

The ever insightful TotalBiscuit examines how publications are pulling the wool over your eyes and why you shouldn’t believe the hype.

Backlash to The Crew 30 FPS Confirmation Leaves Ubi Scrambling for 60 FPS on PC

the-crew-headerBack when I took a look at the first closed beta for The Crew, I noted that the framerate was locked to 30 FPS on PC but I figured that it would make 60 frames per second by the time we get to the game’s full release in November. Of course, I would be wrong. An Ubisoft representative confirmed that The Crew will be released at 30 FPS only for that same rep to quickly backtrack and say they’re aiming for 60 FPS.

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Comic Book Pull List for August 27, 2014

wolverine-12The theme of this week’s Comic Book Pull List is series finales. Three of the big publishers have series wrapping up this week. The biggest is Marvel who will end their current Wolverine series to carry on with the Death of Wolverine storyline with this week’s Wolverine #12. Jonah Hex’s series comes to an end in All-Star Western #34. And the final Star Wars comic rolls off the printing presses at Dark Horse in Star Wars: Legacy #18.

And just to balance things out, we have a series debut to recommend too. One of my favourite cartoons, Bob’s Burgers, gets its first comic book series starting in Bob’s Burgers #1.

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MythBusters Dropping Kari, Grant and Tory, Revamping Show

mythbusters-logoIt looks like what is old is new again for the popular Discovery Channel show MythBusters. Last week’s season finale ended with the surprise announcement that show regulars Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara would no longer be on the show starting next season as the show changed direction.

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Amazon Buys Twitch for Almost $1 Billion

twitch-tv-logo-headerSo much for the billion-dollar Google deal. After months of rumours, reports, hints and supposed confirmations, it turns out that the $1 billion purchase of game streaming site Twitch by Google/YouTube never actually happened. Instead, Amazon has stepped up and ninja’d their way into a Twitch purchase for the same $1 billion that Google reportedly offered.

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Game Trailers Roundup for August 25, 2014

I was so busy going through Reddit to get the Gamescom trailers for last week’s trailers roundup that I think that I forgot several trailers that I had saved in my watch later list on YouTube. So today’s roundup will be longer than I expected but I doubt anyone will mind.

Today’s roundup has eight trailers for you. There’s a five-minute trailer for the season finale of The Walking Dead that covers Clementine’s journey over the last two seasons which is absolutely epic and the only trailer you need to watch this week. We also have the Destiny launch trailer which I find kind of amazing because I had forgotten that it was a September release. There are also trailers for CoD:AW, Bloodborne and Dead Island 2 if the first two aren’t your speed. And we have a first look at CD Projekt’s The Witcher: Battle Arena which is a free-to-play mobile MOBA.

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PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and All Under Weekend DDoS Attack

Sunday was not a good day to try to game online. A group (or person) referring to themselves as Lizard Squad launched a series of DDoS attacks against a whole host of online gaming networks. Among those affected were the PlayStation Network, Blizzard’s, and Xbox Live among others.

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Doctor Who: Deep Breath Review

doctor-who-deep-breath-headerGiven the recent explosion in popularity that Doctor Who has seen on this side of the pond, it seems as though that Deep Breath might be the greatest test of the revived Doctor Who. Sure, this is the fourth incarnation of the series but it with Doctor Who becoming more and more popular during Matt Smith’s tenure at the controls of the TARDIS, this will be many fans’ first regeneration.

While Deep Breath won’t go down as the greatest Doctor Who adventure ever, it certainly worked well at showing that the show is changing pace and themes with the new man in the blue box.

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