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Dirt Rally Review: The Road Less Travelled

dirt-rally-headerOn a few occasions on this blog, I have discussed the ever-changing priorities of Codemasters. The British developer has long been recognized as one of the top racing game developers but often shifts their priorities between making arcade-style games and more simulation style games. In the past, I’ve taken to calling Codemasters games “pseudo-sims” because while they tend to be more realistic and difficult than arcadey racing games but not as intense as games like rFactor and iRacing.

I should say, that was the case until I got to Dirt Rally. While Dirt 3 was much closer to a sim than the likes of Dirt Showdown, Dirt Rally feels like it goes to another level beyond that. It might not be as detailed or difficult as the likes of iRacing but that doesn’t mean it’s pick up and play, either. Of course, that’s definitely not a bad thing.

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Latest Nintendo NX Rumours Suggest It Could Be Separate Handheld and Console Devices for $200

nintendo-nx-concept-logoNintendo’s next generation console, codenamed the NX, might be closer than you think based on recent rumours. Over the last week, there have been rumours about everything from what form the NX will take, how much it will cost, when we might see it, how powerful it will be and what Nintendo is planning to put on it.

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Game Trailers Roundup for January 25, 2016

Another week, another roundup of video game trailers from the last week. Unlike the last few weeks, we actually have quite a few trailers this week. There are ten trailers in this week’s roundup, though most of them are for indie games which might not be everyone’s jam. However, one trailer is for Twitch smash hit Blade & Soul in case you wanted to find out what that’s about.

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Steven Moffat to Leave Doctor Who in 2017

doctor-who-logo-bannerIn my review of 2015’s Doctor Who Christmas special, I speculated that the episode was written in a way to end the story of River Song and that might be a sign that showrunner Steven Moffat is winding down his time at the helm of Doctor Who. One month later, it turns out that I was right.

The BBC has announced that Moffat will be leaving his post as the lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who at the completion of a twelve episode season in Spring 2017.

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The Order: 1886 Review: Paint by Numbers

the-order-1886-headerLaunch window exclusives are a very specific type of game. They tend to focus more on showing off the potential of the hardware at the expense of doing anything particularly memorable in terms of gameplay and story. As such, these are titles that you can quickly find in the bargain bin after release. They’re neat for a little bit but soon forgotten when actual good games start coming out.

Take The Order: 1886, for example. I got it as on Black Friday 2015 for $10. It released for $60 back in… February 2015? That can’t be right. The PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013. How did something that was clearly designed as a system showcase not come out until some sixteen months after the console launched?

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Movie Trailers Roundup for January 20, 2016

You know, it’s interesting seeing how much less cyclical the movie industry is than the games industry. These movie trailer roundups are consistently pretty packed with big movies. While the games industry is built around the fall (and March to a lesser extent), movies go year-round with bigger pushes in the summer and at Christmas. So even though the spring is relatively quiet for the movie industry, we still have more movie trailers than game trailers this week.

Anyway, there are seven trailers for you to watch this week. Suicide Squad is the big new trailer of the week and it admittedly looks pretty fun. Since it’s a DC movie rather than TV show, I still might wait for people to watch first and report back before I see it. I’m most looking forward to 10 Cloverfield Lane, the apparent sequel to Cloverfield which I quite enjoyed before the motion sickness set in. And for other folk, there are trailers for Neighbours 2 and Blue Mountain State.

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Blizzard Makes $4 Million Investment into Heroes of the Storm eSports

heroes-of-the-storm-spring-championship-bannerWhen a gaming company gets into the MOBA space, they will inevitably try to grow an eSports community around it. The perception from the developers has always seemed to be that there needs to be a competitive to get interest from gamers. After all, League of Legends is massive and its World Championship has viewership that many sports leagues would be envious of.

While Blizzard has been trying to grow a competitive scene for their MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, since the game was in invitation-only beta, they are making their biggest eSports push ever for Heroes of the Storm in 2016. They announced their Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Circuit which will feature a cumulative prize pool of over $4 million for the year.

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PewDiePie Launches His Own YouTube Network

revelmode-logoThe biggest name in YouTube is going to strike out on his own with his new multichannel network. PewDiePie, also known as Felix Kjellberg, and his 41.6 million subscribers and nearly 11 billion video views will head up a new YouTube MCN called Revelmode.

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Life is Strange Review: My So-Called Life

life-is-strange-headerLife is Strange started as a simple episodic digital release but today gets the full retail treatment. The Life is Strange: Limited Edition hits shelves today with an art book, developers’ commentary and a licensed soundtrack. While I’d love to get my hands on that, I’ve already played the game and named it et geekera’s Game of the Year for 2015. However, I only reviewed the individual episodes. This review is for the first “season” of Life is Strange.

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Game Trailers Roundup for January 18, 2016

It’s a quick little video game trailers roundup for you this week. There are only five trailers for you to watch. That includes the cult hit That Dragon, Cancer which I understand is good but I’m not sure I want to play it.

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