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Haven: Lay Me Down Review

haven-title-card-bannerLast week’s episode would have been a perfect point to have a mid-season hiatus. The sixth episode of the season certainly pulled a 180 on what had been going on for the early part of the fourth season. Now that this season has kicked it into high gear, has this week’s new episode kept up the momentum or is it more of the same?

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Geek Links of the Week

Wikipedia is an invaluable resource for just about everyone but would it surprise you that it’s on the decline. Upwards of one-third fewer people are updating it than six years ago. [MIT Technology Review]

Maybe I’m selling the new AMD Radeon HD R-series GPUs short. The flagship R9 290X may be a little loud but it’s certainly got amazing performance for the price. [Tom’s Hardware]

Your favourite childhood author, RL Stine, the man behind Goosebumps, did an AMA this week. He’s written an adult horror book because all his original readers have grown up. [/r/IAmA]

Zynga: The story of how one gaming company went from the penthouse to the outhouse. [Ars Technica]

And this weekend marks the StarCraft II World Championship Series Season 3 final from Toronto. Sadly, I don’t like near enough to make it to the big show so I’ll be watching it on stream. So here’s a viewer’s guide to the action. Given fellow Canuck Scarlett’s absence, I’m hoping for big runs from Polt and the Boss-Toss (MC). [Battered Joystick]

Cook, Serve, Delicious! Review: Allez Cuisine!

cook-serve-delicious-headerIt’s a little known fact that I wanted to be a chef while growing up. When the Food Network first came to Canada, they had all these shows I loved. There was Good Eats and Iron Chef and especially Emeril Live. Then Food Network Canada launched and they replaced that with the charismatic black hole that was Christine Cushing and I stopped wanting to be a chef.

So I came into Cook, Serve, Delicious! hoping for something a bit more Iron Chef rather than a casual experience. You know, more El Bulli than Taco Bell. Fortunately, despite the fact that CSD is a mobile port, it’s still a hardcore experience.

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Net Neutrality is Under Threat in the United States

I generally don’t succumb to hyperbole so believe me when I say that this could end up being the single most important story that we cover on this blog.

Currently, the internet in America is governed by the principle of net neutrality. This means that all data on the internet is treated equally and that internet service providers can’t charge for access to certain content on the internet. Now, Verizon is taking the Federal Communications Commission to court to get net neutrality abolished. If the court rules in Verizon’s favour, the results could be catastrophic.

For more about the case and what it means, we have a handy infographic for your perusal.

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Sony Blames Taxes for High Brazilian PS4 Price

playstation-brazil-presserThere are only two things in life that are guaranteed: Death and taxes. Coincidentally, it’s taxes that may lead to the death of the PlayStation 4’s chances in the Brazilian market. Sony says that the country’s high taxes on imported electronics are the reason for their next-gen console being priced at the Brazilian equivalent of over $1,800 US dollars.

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Dark Matter Devs Were Fired Months Before Release

dark-matter-headerIt’s easy to put the blame on the developers not being able to manage their money well enough to complete Dark Matter. However, recent reports indicate that blaming the folks at Interwave Studios would be a bit premature.

After the Kickstarter for Dark Matter failed, the majority of the game’s development staff were fired in July and August and the studio was left far too understaffed to actually complete the game in time for release.

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amazon-dot-com-headerBad news for folks who like saving on shipping when buying from Amazon. For the first time in over a decade, has increased the minimum purchase price to qualify for their Free Super Saver Shipping on items shipped in the United States. Now, rather than getting free shipping at $25, you’ll now need to spend $35.

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Sony Attempting to Remove Ellen Page Nude Images from Beyond: Two Souls from the Internet

beyond-two-souls-headerWell, here’s a headline that I never thought that I’d write but that’s the Streisand Effect for you.

A number of websites are reporting that they’ve been contacted by Sony Computer Entertainment PR to remove images of Ellen Page’s character nude during a shower scene from the recently released Beyond: Two Souls.

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Comic Book Pull List for October 23, 2013

marvel-now-what-1Well, I learned something last week. Apparently, DC Comics completely underestimated the number of 3D covers that would be ordered as part of Villains’ Month. The clerk at my local comic book shop said that they didn’t have enough 3D covers to fill file orders let alone put them on the new release shelves. That wasn’t just the case here but at every other store where he had a contact. Poor planning by DC but it saved me a dollar an issue. Their loss.

Anyway, this week’s picks are all new series making their debut. From the gang at DC is the all-ages (read: for kids) Batman comic called Beware The Batman #1. Meanwhile, the gang at Marvel have gone the comedy route for a new series that brings together all of their heroes in Marvel: Now What #1. And we round out this week’s lighter fare edition of the picks with the comic book adaptation of the Cartoon Network’s Samurai Jack in Samurai Jack #1.

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BlackBerry Resumes BBM for Android and iOS Launch

bbm-on-ios-and-androidAfter last month’s failed attempt to roll out their reasonably popular BlackBerry Messenger app on Android and iOS devices, BlackBerry announced yesterday that they were rolling out the apps all over again. However, to prevent the supposed server problems that crippled September’s launch attempt, BlackBerry is doing a phased roll-out of access to the service.

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