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Twitch Updates Rules of Conduct to Ban “Sexually Suggestive” and “Self-Destructive” Behaviour

twitch-tv-logo-headerYou knew that changes were coming to Twitch after their billion-dollar purchase by Amazon. However, changes so far have been fairly minimal. Sure, there’s the content ID on VODs but it beats the haphazard way that YouTube’s content ID and DCMA systems work. And their latest change might seem fairly minimal but it might have a big impact on some streamers with this week’s changes to the rules of conduct.

The two changes to Twitch’s Rules of Conduct revolve around what Twitch called “self destructive behaviour” and “sexually suggestive” clothing and behaviour.

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Amazon Buys Twitch for Almost $1 Billion

twitch-tv-logo-headerSo much for the billion-dollar Google deal. After months of rumours, reports, hints and supposed confirmations, it turns out that the $1 billion purchase of game streaming site Twitch by Google/YouTube never actually happened. Instead, Amazon has stepped up and ninja’d their way into a Twitch purchase for the same $1 billion that Google reportedly offered.

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Amazon Goes Full Mobile with the Fire Phone

amazon-fire-phone-headerIt’s been rumoured to be coming for years but we’ve never actually seen the long discussed Facebook phone. However, the far less hyped Amazon phone is actually a reality. On Wednesday, Amazon through their hat into the increasingly crowded smartphone ring with the new Amazon Fire Phone.

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Amazon Patents “Photos Against a White Background”

amazon-dot-com-headerYou knew that the US copyright system was broke. You knew that the US trademark system was broken. Today, here’s proof that the US patent system is also broken.

Online retailer Amazon has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for the company’s signature photos of products against a white background. Yes, you can patent that.

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Amazon Prime Adds Classic HBO Shows to its Lineup

amazon-hbo-logosJust when you thought that Netflix was the unquestioned #1 player in online video streaming, Amazon Prime made a big play to get back into the game. Amazon announced that they’ve signed a licensing agreement with HBO to stream classic HBO shows on the Amazon Prime video service.

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Amazon Unveils the Fire TV Set-Top Box

amazon-fire-tvAmazon isn’t just competing with the likes of Apple and Google in the tablet market. Amazon is now going after those two companies and Roku by making a move into the set-top box market with their new Fire TV streaming box.

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Amazon Planning to Introduce Delivery by Drones

amazon-prime-air-droneWhen you think of America and drones, you tend to think of the ones that the American military uses to drop bombs on unsuspecting targets. However, Amazon wants to change your perception of unmanned flying drones by using them to deliver packages to Amazon Prime customers.

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amazon-dot-com-headerBad news for folks who like saving on shipping when buying from Amazon. For the first time in over a decade, has increased the minimum purchase price to qualify for their Free Super Saver Shipping on items shipped in the United States. Now, rather than getting free shipping at $25, you’ll now need to spend $35.

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Apple Found Guilty of E-book Price Fixing

A U.S. District Judge has ruled that Apple conspired with several book publishers to raise the price of electronic books and try to limit competition in the e-book market in an effort to combat Amazon and the $9.99 price for e-books on its website.

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