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How The Internet Works (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered how the internet works? I don’t mean packets of information going from a server through a network to your computer. I mean how information actually moves across the internet. How does the cycle of information take us from a little incident to full-blown web outrage and back to no one caring in a matter of days? Fortunately, I have a handy little infographic that explains how the internet works.

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The Internet as Superheroes (Infographic)

I think I’ve seen the internet and various mammoth sites around compared to just about everything possible. Well, that was until today when someone on Reddit posted a little infographic that compared to superheroes. Not only are they being compared to superheroes but DC Comics superheroes. That sounds like my sort of infographic.

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New Cybersecurity Bill Could Infringe on Your Privacy and Destroy Net Neutrality

cybersecurity-bannerAmerican citizens are not only having to fight a battle for the future of the internet with the commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission but they will also have to do battle with their elected officials.

A new bill that’s going through the Senate threatens to almost eliminate your data privacy and kill net neutrality at the same time.

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Democrats Working on Bill to Ban Internet Fast Lanes

net-neutrality-bannerIf the FCC won’t do anything to save Net Neutrality from the corporations, some lawmakers will. Democratic congressmen from both the House and Senate have unveiled a new piece of legislation that will ban the creation of the so-called internet fast lanes by prohibiting the prioritization and speed of certain content over others.

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Proposed New FCC Net Neutrality Rules Will Kill Net Neutrality

net-neutrality-bannerThe Federal Communications Commission’s proposed new net neutrality rules will be anything by neutral when they’re implemented. The FCC revealed that their current planned rules will cause all content to be equal but some will be more equal than other. The new rules will allow for companies to pay for faster bandwidth from ISPs to send content to users.

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Net Neutrality is Under Threat in the United States

I generally don’t succumb to hyperbole so believe me when I say that this could end up being the single most important story that we cover on this blog.

Currently, the internet in America is governed by the principle of net neutrality. This means that all data on the internet is treated equally and that internet service providers can’t charge for access to certain content on the internet. Now, Verizon is taking the Federal Communications Commission to court to get net neutrality abolished. If the court rules in Verizon’s favour, the results could be catastrophic.

For more about the case and what it means, we have a handy infographic for your perusal.

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Killzone Shadow Fall is a 50 GB Download, Next-Gen to Destroy Your Bandwidth Cap

ps4-console-headerAfter seeing the latest bit of news on the size of PS4 launch title Killzone Shadow Fall, I think we should all consider ourselves, and our wallets, lucky that both Sony and Microsoft are sticking with games on discs for the next generation of video game consoles.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK revealed that the digital download of Killzone Shadow Fall will be a 50 GB download. For comparison, that’s almost twice the size of The Last of Us and about 10% of the PS4’s hard drive capacity.

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Obama Administration Considering Making Streaming a Felony

stop-sopa-headerA part of the defeated SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) legislation has been recommended to make a return to Congress to become law.

The Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force issued a report last week recommending the implementation a part of SOPA that would make the illegal streaming of copyrighted works a felony.

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Vietnam to Censor Online Current Affairs Discussion

vietnam-flagThe Vietnamese government has come under fire this week for Decree 72 which is otherwise known as “Management, Provision, Use of Internet Services and Information Content Online”. This new Vietnamese law, coming into effect on September 1st, will effectively ban people from engaging online discussion about current events, with an emphasis involving Vietnam’s current affairs.

At its heart, the decree will outlaw citizens from posting anything that “harms national security and opposes the state.”

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Russia to Ban Swearing on the Internet

russia-kremlin-headerWhile Russia is busy waging their war against gays and those who support them, they’re engaging in a mission to single-handedly fix the internet that’s so ridiculous that is makes Aaron Sorkin’s internet writing on The Newsroom seem Emmy worthy.*

Russia is planning to clean up the internet by requiring all web pages with profane language be blocked from access in Russia within 24 hours of the profane language being posted. See, told you Will McAvoy wasn’t this crazy with his mission to civilize.

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