Haven: Lay Me Down Review

haven-title-card-bannerLast week’s episode would have been a perfect point to have a mid-season hiatus. The sixth episode of the season certainly pulled a 180 on what had been going on for the early part of the fourth season. Now that this season has kicked it into high gear, has this week’s new episode kept up the momentum or is it more of the same?

Spoiler Alert: An alert that there are spoilers in the following review.

This week’s Trouble is similar to, but legally distinct from, Nightmare on Elm Street. There’s a Trouble floating around town that causes what happens to people in their dreams to happen to them in real life. It starts isolated enough when the local bar fly gets mauled by a bear while sleeping it off in the Haven PD drunk tank. Well, except that he wasn’t actually mauled by a bear. There’s no trace evidence indicating a bear did it but it sure looks like a bear attack.

Unlike a typical Trouble, it’s not affecting certain people but seemingly everyone. Bodies started piling up around town. Our intrepid heroes were affected too. Duke was slashed along the arm by Wade in a dream which also happened in real life. Dwight woke up in real-life with a gun shot wound to the chest despite wearing his trademark bulletproof vest while sleeping on the job. And Nathan went to school (in the Haven PD bullpen) naked and was punished by hot teacher Miss Audrey Parker.

The one thing that linked all the victims was that they all came in contact with a recent issue of the Haven Herald. No, this isn’t one of the Brothers Teagues’ Troubles. It’s actually a Trouble of one of their delivery women, Carrie. However, she says that dreams coming to life are a family Trouble that never affected anyone else. Somehow, it seems that her Trouble got supercharged when she was mugged.

To fight her Trouble, Carrie has to go confront her fears in a dream. In this case, she has to confront her muggers. And it’s Kurrgan and the crazy-haired guy from The Bar! Audrey/Lexie wasn’t the only one to escape the Barn. Those two somehow made it into real life. Carrie was able to confront her fears and end the nightmare Trouble. But when she was in the hospital getting checked out, Audrey noticed a glowing handprint on Carrie’s back that no one else can see. I reckon that means that crazy-hair likely supercharged her Trouble by touching her but I think we’ll find out very soon.

While Nathan and Audrey are busy dealing with this week’s Trouble of the Week, Wade and Duke are continuing their story from the end of last week’s episode. Wade has gone all homicidal maniac but no one suspects that except for Duke. Well, Dwight thought Wade may have been up to no good since Jordan has gone missing. Sure, she said she was leaving town but she wouldn’t have left town while abandoning her truck at the marina so that’s why Edge suspected Wade was up to no good until he was dream shot.

Wade says that he isn’t particularly affected by activating his Trouble and absorbing Troubled blood. Duke knows that’s a lie so he goes about retracing Wade’s movements. In doing so, he’s found out that he’s been killing people, including Jordan, and heading out in a rented boat to dump the bodies. Duke confronts Wade saying he knows what he’s been doing and decides to lock Wade up in his boat until he figures out what to do with him.

Elsewhere, Jennifer is trying to establish her life in Haven by getting a job with the Haven Herald. She did work for a newspaper in Boston so it’s not like she isn’t qualified. But that’s not why Vince and Dave are interested in having her around. They want to know more about her connection to the Barn. So as part of her interview process, they have her perform her own background check. She can’t find the names of her birth parents but the three find out that Agent Howard was the one who facilitated her adoption. And the mystery around Jen thickens.

And then our B and C-plots collide! Jen comes back to the Crocker family boat where Wade is locked up. Well, he tricks Jen into unlocking him saying that he’s locked himself in the room. Oops! With Wade out, he needs his blood fix and goes after Jen. In an incredible bit of timing, Duke arrives on the scene just when he’s needed. Wade can’t control the need for Troubled blood at charges at Jen but Duke gets in the way and kills Wade. And that means that his Trouble has been ended since killing someone with a Trouble removes it from their family.

At the end of the episode, Nathan and Audrey talk about their relationship again. Calling back to something from Nathan’s dream, Audrey asks whether it’s Sarah or Audrey that Nathan loves and whether he can’t accept Lexie being a part of her. Well, just when it looks like they’re about to break up, they make up… Then make out. All the while, Kurrgan and Crazy-Hair are keeping an eye on Audrey’s apartment above the Grey Gull from a distance.

You know, the writers really moved through the Wade plot quickly. I thought that we’d get the Crocker brothers’ relationship fleshed out a bit more and examine the morality of killing Troubled people from Wade’s perspective. Sure, he’s in it for the rush of absorbing Troubled blood but a good villain can justify their actions. Wade was trying that by saying that he was curing people of their Troubles and we see what the Troubles are doing to Haven. I think there was at least another episode worth of material to get out of that story.

However, we have gone from not having any idea of where the show goes next to having plenty of storylines dangling for the next six weeks. We have to wonder how Kurrgan and Crazy-Hair escaped the Barn and what they’re up to in Haven. There’s what Dave was so worried about after the door opened. How will Duke cope without his Trouble? What is Howard’s connection with Jen’s past? And how long until The Guard sort out that Lexie is really Audrey.

Other random points of note:

  • Since we’re not going to get Edge vs. Christian or Edge vs. anyone else formerly of pro wrestling fame, who isn’t excited to see Edge vs. Kurrgan?
  • Temporarily out of retirement ME Gloria was back again this week. She was awesome once again.
  • Did anyone get a count of how many people made a “I’d let Audrey punish me” joke on Twitter?

Next week’s episode is Crush which is one-third of WWF tag team Demolition… At some point, I’ll stop with the wrestling jokes. Probably not until they find a way to kill off Dwight which I hope never happens.

Anyway, Crush is about someone whose Trouble allows them to crush objects from a distance. Given that Duke says in the teaser that his ears popped, the Troubled person may be able to crush people too. Meanwhile, Vince and Duke are quite displeased that Nathan isn’t going along with Duke’s plan given that the town is still on the verge of self-destructing due to the Troubles.


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