Sony Attempting to Remove Ellen Page Nude Images from Beyond: Two Souls from the Internet

beyond-two-souls-headerWell, here’s a headline that I never thought that I’d write but that’s the Streisand Effect for you.

A number of websites are reporting that they’ve been contacted by Sony Computer Entertainment PR to remove images of Ellen Page’s character nude during a shower scene from the recently released Beyond: Two Souls.

Reports say that the images aren’t technically from the final released version of Beyond: Two Souls but from a debug mode that allowed additional camera angles to be access that circumvented what subtle censorship was already in place. The result was being able to see Ellen Page’s character fully nude in the shower.

In order to get the images off the internet, Sony is reportedly contacting a number of websites about these pictures. They’re reportedly asking not only for any pictures and links to pictures be deleted but whole articles about the existence of the pictures be deleted as well. (Don’t bother emailing here, Sony.)

In a statement to Cinema Blend, Sony said:

The images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page. It’s not actually her body. I would really appreciate if you can take the story down to end the cycle of discussion around this.

Actually, they aren’t from an illegally hacked console. Like I said before, the images were taken from a debug console and not a hacked console. There’s a difference. The images reported contain a debug menu that allowed for camera angles to be changed. That wouldn’t be a hacked game or consoles but just debugging.

And I say “Ellen Page’s character” repeatedly because Sony wants everyone to know that it’s just a 3D model that happens to look like Ellen Page and not actually Ellen Page that’s nude. That could be an important distinction because I’ve read that Ellen isn’t very happy with the folks at Quantic Dream or Sony Computer Entertainment at the moment.

This sort of begs the question as to why Quantic Dream would create a fully detailed rendering of a nude Ellen Page for just one scene. It seems like a massive waste of resources that was going to cause more harm than good in the long run because people tend to find these things, especially when you don’t want them found. I guess this is nothing new from Quantic. The same thing happened in Heavy Rain.

Source: Cinema Blend

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