Dark Matter Devs Were Fired Months Before Release

dark-matter-headerIt’s easy to put the blame on the developers not being able to manage their money well enough to complete Dark Matter. However, recent reports indicate that blaming the folks at Interwave Studios would be a bit premature.

After the Kickstarter for Dark Matter failed, the majority of the game’s development staff were fired in July and August and the studio was left far too understaffed to actually complete the game in time for release.

A source close to Interwave Studios told Gamasutra that all but two management employees were dismissed from the developer during July and August following the game’s failed Kickstarter campaign. It would appear that publisher Iceberg Interactive didn’t feel like spending any more money bringing the game to market.

Without money or staff to carry on, a plan was enacted to make the game episodic with the game currently released as Dark Matter to be called “Dark Matter: Episode 1.” However, as Iceberg CEO Erik Schreuder said, they didn’t want to badge it as Episode 1 as that would imply an Episode 2 would be made when it would only be made if sales of Episode 1 were sufficient.

And to add injury to insult, GOG and Steam have both pulled the game from sale. According to a release on GOG.com, publisher Iceberg Interactive asked for the game to be withdrawn from active sale while the new ending is completed. We can all agree that’s the first good move Iceberg has made with this game.

It just seems as though everybody has handled this game as badly as possible. It doesn’t look like the devs budgeted their time and money well enough given what could have gone wrong. And the publishers seem to have done everything possible to ensure the game was a controversial failure. Maybe that was a good marketing strategy. I can’t think of any other reason people are talking about this game.

Sources: Gamasutra, GOG

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