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New Cybersecurity Bill Could Infringe on Your Privacy and Destroy Net Neutrality

cybersecurity-bannerAmerican citizens are not only having to fight a battle for the future of the internet with the commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission but they will also have to do battle with their elected officials.

A new bill that’s going through the Senate threatens to almost eliminate your data privacy and kill net neutrality at the same time.

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Democrats Working on Bill to Ban Internet Fast Lanes

net-neutrality-bannerIf the FCC won’t do anything to save Net Neutrality from the corporations, some lawmakers will. Democratic congressmen from both the House and Senate have unveiled a new piece of legislation that will ban the creation of the so-called internet fast lanes by prohibiting the prioritization and speed of certain content over others.

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John Oliver Calls Trolls to Arms to Save Net Neutrality

One of the important parts of my post Game of Thrones ritual is staying up to watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. (I don’t stick around between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM because that’s when I watch Cutthroat Kitchen on the Food Network.)

This week, John covered the death of Net Neutrality at the hands of money-grubbing corporations. He also touched on the fallacy of competition in the regional monopoly system but that’s a different matter. In his look at cable and internet providers and what they’re doing to kill the internet, he had an epic call to arms for the denizens of the internet to save net neutrality from the abyss made dark by corporate interests.

FCC Approves Plan for ISPs to Charge Websites for Faster Service

net-neutrality-bannerThe agreement between Netflix and Comcast to provide better service to customers on the Comcast wasn’t a one-off blip in net neutrality. It was actually the first in what could be many content deals that could see your price for web services increase.

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to allow internet service providers the ability to charge websites for faster service in transmitting data to users on their network.

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The FCC Chairman Wants to Give Up the Net Neutrality Fight

net-neutrality-bannerThe Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, seems to have given up his fight with Big Internet over Net Neutrality. Wheeler published a blog post on the FCC website in which he talked about the ongoing battle over the internet and frequently used the lobbyist terms “Open Internet” and “fast lanes.”

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Proposed New FCC Net Neutrality Rules Will Kill Net Neutrality

net-neutrality-bannerThe Federal Communications Commission’s proposed new net neutrality rules will be anything by neutral when they’re implemented. The FCC revealed that their current planned rules will cause all content to be equal but some will be more equal than other. The new rules will allow for companies to pay for faster bandwidth from ISPs to send content to users.

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Netflix Paying Comcast for More “Direct Access” to Customers

comcast-netflix-logosWell, it looks like the first internet service provider to blink on net neutrality isn’t Verizon but Comcast. Comcast announced a deal with Netflix that allows Comcast customers more direct access to Netflix servers. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix is paying for that more direct access to their customers.

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The FCC Plans to Rewrite Net Neutrality Riles

net-neutrality-bannerThe whole of the internet was sent into a panic last month when the US Court of Appeals struck down the so-called net neutrality rules that the Federal Communications Commission put in place on internet service providers after the rules were challenged by Verizon.

Well, the FCC hasn’t given up the fight over net neutrality and have stated that they are targeting later this year for a new set of net neutrality rules.

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Net Neutrality is Under Threat in the United States

I generally don’t succumb to hyperbole so believe me when I say that this could end up being the single most important story that we cover on this blog.

Currently, the internet in America is governed by the principle of net neutrality. This means that all data on the internet is treated equally and that internet service providers can’t charge for access to certain content on the internet. Now, Verizon is taking the Federal Communications Commission to court to get net neutrality abolished. If the court rules in Verizon’s favour, the results could be catastrophic.

For more about the case and what it means, we have a handy infographic for your perusal.

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