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Apple Unveils New iPhone 7, Aggravates Headphone Users

iphone-7-bannerEven if you don’t know what day it is, there are some events that let you know which month it is. Christmas will always be in December. Canada Day and Independence Day are always in July. And new iPhone reveal day is a hallmark of September. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were unveiled, though likely to pre-event fanfare than the PlayStation Meeting also held on Wednesday. As seems to be the case with Apple, they’re bringing a few features that were formerly Android phone exclusive to the iPhone with a new one that might have people up in arms.

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Apple Unveils Two iPhone 6s and the Apple Watch

apple-iphone-6-apple-watch-headerIn news that should shock absolutely no one (except all the mainstream media who thought this was the most revolutionary announcement ever), Apple announced exactly what was rumoured. The new iPhone 6 was unveiled with two screen sizes that are both bigger than the current iPhone 5-series offerings and a new smart watch. That and a bunch of other new little gadgetry additions were noted for those devices that weren’t really reported on ahead of time.

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E3 2014: FF7 Minigame Coming to Mobile in Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

final-fantasy-vii-g-bike-headerFinal Fantasy VII might not be getting the remastering/HD treatment any time soon and doesn’t seem to be joining the earlier FF entries on mobile platforms, that doesn’t mean that mobile gamers won’t be getting a piece of the FF7 pie.

Later this year, Square Enix will release Final Fantasy VII G-Bike as a free-to-play game with microtransactions for gamers on iOS and Android. It’s based on the Golden Square G Bike minigame that is itself based on the Midgar Highway escape from Shinra headquarters.

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Apple Unveils iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

ios-8-headerThere are some things that happen so regularly that it almost doesn’t deserve to be considered news. The sun rose this morning. Apple showed off a new iteration of both iOS and OS X at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple fans hailed it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Something expected to be great was compared to sliced bread. You know, the usual stuff that is somehow still news.

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Lawsuit Claims iPhones Don’t Deliver Texts to Android Phones

apple-iphone-5-headerHave you ever wondered why your friends with iPhones never seem to text back or take their sweet time answering? They aren’t ignoring you. Well, not all of the time, anyways. A new lawsuit alleges that iPhones don’t deliver text messages to users on Android and other mobile phones with the problems worst for users who switched from iPhones to other devices.

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Report: iPhone 6 to Come in Two Sizes, Both Bigger than the iPhone 5S

iphone-6-comparison-mockupI hope you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on the iPhone 5S thinking that is was going to be the be all and end all of iPhones. Only six months after the release of the latest iPhone, reports have come out about the upcoming bigger and better iPhone 6.

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Apple Reveals Major Security Flaw in Their Operating Systems

smashed-iphoneLast Friday, Apple revealed that they had discovered a critical security flaw in their software that left iOS users susceptible to “man-in-the-middle” attacks that would allow hackers to impersonate and intercept supposedly secure information that you were attempting to transmit to supposedly secure websites.

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Flappy Bird Taken Down by Creator

flappy-bird-headerAfter becoming one of the biggest app creators in the mobile gaming world in the span of about two weeks, Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen, says that he’s done with his famous creation. Over the weekend, Nguyen pulled the game from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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Critics Corner: Dungeon Keeper (Mobile)

dungeon-keeper-mobile-headerNo, I’m not letting this go. I’m not sure what the worst thing about the free-to-play mobile edition of Dungeon Keeper is. The denigration of a much heralded franchise for a quick buck is pretty bad. The fact that the game isn’t so much free-to-play as it is fee-to-play with microtransactions that are hardly “micro” isn’t any better. Maybe it’s the fact that the game is likened to Clash of Clans in Dungeon Keeper clothing after we talked about King ripping off and being ripped off by other games.

The 2014 mobile game purporting to be Dungeon Keeper might not be the worst free-to-play mobile game ever made. It may not even be the worst free-to-play mobile game released in the last couple of months. Dungeon Keeper represents much more than itself. It shows how broken the mobile market is. Whether it was called Dungeon Keeper or Crypt Master or Confrontation of Demons, it would still be an abomination of a game when it’s not there to entertain but to panhandle.

But enough of what I think. Let’s see what the critics have to say.

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BlackBerry Resumes BBM for Android and iOS Launch

bbm-on-ios-and-androidAfter last month’s failed attempt to roll out their reasonably popular BlackBerry Messenger app on Android and iOS devices, BlackBerry announced yesterday that they were rolling out the apps all over again. However, to prevent the supposed server problems that crippled September’s launch attempt, BlackBerry is doing a phased roll-out of access to the service.

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