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Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 Review: On the Podium

In the year since I reviewed Motorsport Manager on mobile, Christian West went from mobile game development star to management sim superstar. He’s now the founder of PlaySport Games which developed and released Motorsport Manager on PC and used that as the basis for the new Motorsport Manager 2.

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Alto’s Adventure Review: Coolboarders

altos-adventure-headerWhile my day job might be in accounting, the other university courses I liked were communications and marketing. One of the concepts that they emphasized is being able to pitch a product in one line. If I was to give a short line to describe Alto’s Adventure, it would be “Journey as an endless runner.” While a free-to-play mobile game won’t quite live up to one of the best games ever released on the PS3, Alto’s Adventure sure does more than hold its own in its genre.

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TheScore Launches Sports-Style eSports App

theScore-eSports-headerCanadian sports media company TheScore may no longer be on TV but that doesn’t mean they’ve given up on improving their product offerings. Since selling TheScore TV channel to Rogers, they’ve doubled down on their mobile and web offerings and their mobile app is still considered among, if not the best mobile sports app on the various app stores.

Now, theScore is the first sports media company to move hard into eSports. While ESPN has broadcast some eSports on its digital ESPN 3 channel, those were just rebroadcasts of the official broadcasters covering those events or brief highlight packages of MLG events. TheScore has launched their own eSports news app and website led by popular eSports journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau.

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Monument Valley Review: Uncanny Valley

monument-valley-headerI’ve never been much of a mobile gamer but that’s probably prejudices getting in the way. When I hear about a mobile game, I immediately think of a free-to-play game of fairly low quality and nearly impossible to play without dumping a pile of money into microtransactions.

Monument Valley isn’t one of those games. You have to pay up-front but you also don’t have to pay microtransactions and the gameplay is quite good. Unlike the stereotypical mobile fare, you could actually call Monument Valley a real video game.

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Amazon Goes Full Mobile with the Fire Phone

amazon-fire-phone-headerIt’s been rumoured to be coming for years but we’ve never actually seen the long discussed Facebook phone. However, the far less hyped Amazon phone is actually a reality. On Wednesday, Amazon through their hat into the increasingly crowded smartphone ring with the new Amazon Fire Phone.

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E3 2014: FF7 Minigame Coming to Mobile in Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

final-fantasy-vii-g-bike-headerFinal Fantasy VII might not be getting the remastering/HD treatment any time soon and doesn’t seem to be joining the earlier FF entries on mobile platforms, that doesn’t mean that mobile gamers won’t be getting a piece of the FF7 pie.

Later this year, Square Enix will release Final Fantasy VII G-Bike as a free-to-play game with microtransactions for gamers on iOS and Android. It’s based on the Golden Square G Bike minigame that is itself based on the Midgar Highway escape from Shinra headquarters.

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Lawsuit Claims iPhones Don’t Deliver Texts to Android Phones

apple-iphone-5-headerHave you ever wondered why your friends with iPhones never seem to text back or take their sweet time answering? They aren’t ignoring you. Well, not all of the time, anyways. A new lawsuit alleges that iPhones don’t deliver text messages to users on Android and other mobile phones with the problems worst for users who switched from iPhones to other devices.

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Samsung Unveils the New Flagship Galaxy S5 Smartphone

samsung-galaxy-s5-headerWith Apple releasing the slightly improved iPhone 5S last fall, the door was open for Samsung to make a big splash with their flagship Galaxy series. Instead, the S5 pulls a 5S and just makes a few incremental improvements over the much-loved Galaxy S4 smartphone. Still, it’s an impressive piece of kit.

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Flappy Bird Taken Down by Creator

flappy-bird-headerAfter becoming one of the biggest app creators in the mobile gaming world in the span of about two weeks, Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen, says that he’s done with his famous creation. Over the weekend, Nguyen pulled the game from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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Critics Corner: Dungeon Keeper (Mobile)

dungeon-keeper-mobile-headerNo, I’m not letting this go. I’m not sure what the worst thing about the free-to-play mobile edition of Dungeon Keeper is. The denigration of a much heralded franchise for a quick buck is pretty bad. The fact that the game isn’t so much free-to-play as it is fee-to-play with microtransactions that are hardly “micro” isn’t any better. Maybe it’s the fact that the game is likened to Clash of Clans in Dungeon Keeper clothing after we talked about King ripping off and being ripped off by other games.

The 2014 mobile game purporting to be Dungeon Keeper might not be the worst free-to-play mobile game ever made. It may not even be the worst free-to-play mobile game released in the last couple of months. Dungeon Keeper represents much more than itself. It shows how broken the mobile market is. Whether it was called Dungeon Keeper or Crypt Master or Confrontation of Demons, it would still be an abomination of a game when it’s not there to entertain but to panhandle.

But enough of what I think. Let’s see what the critics have to say.

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