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GOG Introduces “Games in Development” Early Access Program

gog-games-in-development-headerEver since Mojang used alpha funding to complete the development of Minecraft and turn into a multi-billion dollar company, the alpha funding business model has been a popular way for indie developers to do business. After Minecraft did it, we saw the rise of Early Access on Steam and Game Preview that launched on Xbox last year.

Now, the other big name in digital PC retail is launching their own version of alpha funding / Early Access. GOG announced that they were launching Games In Development to bring pre-release games to its customers.

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GOG Adds LucasArts Games to Library

lucasarts-classic-logoThe vintage game updater and store,, has added another new publisher to its catalogue and the internet has come mental over it. As of yesterday, GOG added classic LucasArts (AKA LucasFilm Interactive) debuted on the store with six games and the promise of over 20 games to be released on GOG in total.

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GOG Adds DRM-Free Movies to Catalog

gog-headerWe’re only a couple of weeks removed from a bit of Steam datamining revealing that it looks like Valve will be adding movie sales (among other media) to the platform. Well, the folks at GOG have beaten them to the punch. Yesterday, GOG added 21 DRM-free movies to the site’s catalog.

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GOG Announces DRM-Free Gaming Platform, GOG Galaxy has a new addition to their current lineup of DRM-free offerings. This time, it isn’t a new DRM-game on the store but a new way to access your GOG purposes with the new platform GOG Galaxy.

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GOG Introduces a Refund Policy for Games You Can’t Run

gog-headerSlowly but surely, refunds are becoming more common in the games retail business. First, EA announced the refund policy for their digital games on Origin. Now, GOG is getting in on the action with a new policy that allows for refunds of games that won’t work on your PC.

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Dark Matter Devs Were Fired Months Before Release

dark-matter-headerIt’s easy to put the blame on the developers not being able to manage their money well enough to complete Dark Matter. However, recent reports indicate that blaming the folks at Interwave Studios would be a bit premature.

After the Kickstarter for Dark Matter failed, the majority of the game’s development staff were fired in July and August and the studio was left far too understaffed to actually complete the game in time for release.

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GOG Offering Refunds to Dark Matter Buyers

dark-matter-headerIndie game Dark Matter has been the subject of recent controversy over its abrupt ending. The game ends abruptly after about four hours when the player enters a door and a black screen with white text tells you how the game plays out from that point. The game isn’t in early access nor was it advertised as episodic. Sounds like getting your $15 worth.

In response to the controversy and the false advertising about the game and its ending, online retailer is offering users the opportunity to get a refund on their purchase of Dark Matter.

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GOG Has a Special Government Shut Down Promo

gog-headerVarious business around Washington, D.C., and the US capital area are having special promotions for government workers who have been furloughed or are working unpaid while everyone plays chicken with the US and global economies.

Now, have gotten in on the US government shut down promotion action. Not only do they have some political themed games on sale but they’re giving away games to furloughed workers.

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Have You Checked Out GOG’s No DRM Summer Sale? has been running a Summer sale from the start of the week until July 5th. Almost their entire catalogue of games is discounted and they run a fresh set of daily deals every day with massive discounts.

Today is noteworthy because they have a massive collection of daily deal to celebrate the start of summer. Over 150 games on available, individually and in bundles, for a deep discount today. Some of the highlights are a Square Enix bundle featuring Thief and Deus Ex for 75% off and a classic Dungeons and Dragons collection (including Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment) for 80% off. On the indie darling front, the best deals include Hotline Miami for 66% off, Fez for half-off and, one of my favourites, FTL for only $2.49 at 75% off.

Check out all of the deals at

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