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Ouya Unveils $60 Subscription Plan for Whole Game Library

ouya-all-access-pass-headerIt’s been quite a long time since we’ve heard anything from the little $99 Android-based console that started a new industry for cheap consoles in the living room. If you had any interest in the Ouya, how quiet they’ve been since launch would be a cause for concern.

However, the folks at Ouya have come up with a new plan to inject some life into the console. They’ve announced plans for a 12-month subscription to their game library for $60 per year.

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Ouya Monetization “Better Than Expected” Despite 73% of Users Not Buying a Game

ouya-headerIn a recent interview with The Verge, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman said that, “Monetization on Ouya is so far better than we expected.”

The problem with that statement is that is makes no sense by almost every objective metric. In the first month following the $99 console’s release, only 27% of owners have paid for a game. That leaves three-quarters of consoles sticking with the free games and trials currently available.

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E3 2013: Someone Called the Cops to Shut Down Ouya

ouya-e3-displayWhen the folks behind the Ouya console decided that they were going to do E3 in a parking lot near the Los Angeles Convention Centre, you knew they were going to be ruffling a few feather with the establishment. Well, the Ouya got the attention they desired from their setup but not from the gaming press and fans but from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Yesterday afternoon, the LAPD were called to shut down the Ouya’s parking lot display and they allege that it was the ESA who put the LAPD up to it.

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Who are the Ouya and GameStick For?

gamestick-consoleLast week, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund the development of a new inexpensive, Android-based gaming console called the GameStick. The campaign has been wildly successful so far as the $100,000 goal was reached in about 30 hours.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because you may be confusing it with the Ouya, another Android-based console which had a widely publicized launch and Kickstarter fundraising drive of its own in July 2012. It also quickly achieved its fundraising goal (in less than eight hours) and received $8.6 million in pledges.

The problem with both of these consoles is that I don’t see who they’re targeting with these new consoles. The promises of low-price consoles sounds like they’re trying to target gamers who have limited disposable income. However, being on the Android mobile operating system is indicative of targeting the casual gamer who is happy to play Angry Birds or Words with Friends on their phone or tablet. Read the rest of this entry

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