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Microsoft to Allow Indie Self-Publishing on Xbox One

xbox-one-console-bannerMicrosoft’s road to PR redemption is slowly but surely continuing. I guess when you bottomed out in public perception, it’s pretty hard to do anything but improve how you’re perceived.

After backtracking on the console’s always-connected DRM and hinting that they might find a way to bring back family sharing, Microsoft has made overtures to the developing community by changing policies to allow indie games to be self-published on Xbox One.

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Will The Xbox One Be Your Overly Attached Girlfriend?

Microsoft might have gotten rid of the online check-in DRM requirements for the Xbox One but doesn’t mean that it isn’t still watching you. We’ve all read that it’s built around advertising with the Kinect integral to making that advertising work better for advertisers. The Kinect always watching and Microsoft’s compliance in giving data to the NSA doesn’t make me feel better about it.

So is the Xbox One going to be like a clingy girlfriend? The folks at Kensington make that case in a handy infographic.


Microsoft Uses Change from Points to Money to Raise UK Prices

xbox-live-moneyThe exciting change from the mythical Microsoft Points system (which, according to a friend in marketing, was designed to make people think they were paying less than they actually were) to real world currency might not be all that it’s cracked up to be for gamers in the UK.

Reports from Xbox Live users in the UK say that Microsoft has used the conversion from Microsoft Points to real money as an opportunity to raise prices by upwards of 34%.

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Don Mattrick Leaving Microsoft for Zynga

don-mattrick-pile-of-moneyAfter he took Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment division, AKA Xbox, from the top console brand in America and battered its reputation with a series of bad decisions over the last few months, it looks like Don Mattrick is going to leave brand destruction behind and try his hand at brand rehabilitation instead.

Mattrick is leaving his post as Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment for the CEO job at Zynga Entertainment.

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