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The Australian Government is Changing How They Rate Games

australian-ratings-systemThe Australian Classification Board’s game ratings have become something of a running joke in the gaming news media but the country is taking steps to simplify the ratings process for developers. The Australian Federal Government is currently going through the process of legislating into law changes to the ratings approach by the Classification Board.

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Saints Row IV Cleared for Australian Release on Third Try

saints-row-4-wallpaperThe third time was the charm for Saints Row IV and developer Volition. After being refused classification in its previous two appearances in front of the Australian Classifications Board, SR4’s third application for classification got the game rated and cleared for sale in Australia with an MA15+ rating.

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Australian Government Inquiry Says High Tech Prices Aren’t Justified

The Australian House of Representatives Infrastructure and Communications Committee released its findings report after a lengthy 12-month inquiry into the pricing of technology in Australia. The committee was determining if Australian consumers were actually higher than other countries and if those price increases were justified.

The committee concluded that Australians paid a massive premium on tech products with Aussies paying an average of 50% more than consumers in other countries with some prices being up to 100% more.

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Saints Row IV is the First Game to be Refused Classification in Australia

saints-row-4-wallpaperAt the start of 2013, Australia introduced its new “Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games.” This introduced a the first mature-type rating in Australia for video games called “R 18+.” For the first time since the introduction of that new rating level, the Australian Government Classification Board has refused a rating for a game with Volition and Deep Silver’s upcoming Saints Row IV getting that distinction.

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