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Who is Phil Fish?

Phil Fish has been in the news lately over his views about the monetization of Let’s Play videos on YouTube. Whether he’s right or not is something that will be up for debate among lawyers, fans and the various content creators for a while still so let’s leave that point for another day.

The thing is that we haven’t really heard much from Phil Fish since he cancelled Fez 2 and left the games industry last summer. Well, he may not have completely vanished but we may never know because Phil Fish is only famous for being famous in the wrong way. The Phil Fish we know isn’t so much famous for being a games designer but being a media creation designed to generate page views

So just who is the real Phil Fish? Innuendo Studios attempts to figure that out.


Phil Fish vs. Marcus Beer Says More About Games Journalism than Either Man

phil-fish-headerThe weekend’s big gaming news story wasn’t about a new game or another major announcement but a feud between two gaming personalities.

On one side was Marcus Beer, GameTrailer’s Annoyed Gamer, who criticized prominent indie developers Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow for not commenting on Microsoft allowing indie game self-publishing on the Xbox One. On the other side was the aforementioned Phil Fish who didn’t take kindly to Beer lobbing personal insults at him on video.

However, I don’t think that the takeaway from this feud should be anything about either Beer or Fish. I think how this feud started says more about how this gaming journalism works and why it might be irreparably broken.

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Phil Fish Getting Out of Games, Cancels Fez 2

fez-2-logoPhil Fish, the controversial Montreal-based developer behind the critically acclaimed Fez, announced that he is cancelling Fez 2 and is planning to get out of the games industry.

This news follows a rather public, rather vulgar Twitter spat with games media personality Marcus Beer, also known as GameTrailers’ Annoyed Gamer, over Phil’s refusal to comment to the gaming media about Microsoft’s about-face on its indie self-publishing policy.

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Polytron Announces Fez 2

Love him or hate him, Phil Fish made a damn good video game when he and his team at Polytron made Fez. (Review coming eventually, I promise.)

In an announcement at the Horizon conference, a one-day video game arts show run by Venus Patrol and the LA Museum of Contemporary Art, Fish officially announced that Fez 2 is in development and would be coming eventually on consoles to be named later. Hey, Phil, the Wii U doesn’t charge indies for patches!

Phil Fish was Right. PCs are for Spreadsheets.

Remember when Phil Fish said that PCs are for spreadsheets? Now that Fez has a PC port, Steam user McKack put a new spin of Fish’s infamous comments with some spreadsheet-based fan art. I love it. The fan art’s pretty good too.


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