Is Guitar Hero Returning in 2015?

guitar-hero-world-tour-bannerWith this new generation of consoles, it seems as though everything that is old is new again. With so many franchises carrying over from the seventh-generation to the eight-generation and remastered games from the last generations, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the biggest franchises of the last two generations may be getting a revival.

Rumours say that Guitar Hero is getting a revival with a new game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015.

A source told PlayStation Universe that work on a new edition of the Guitar Hero franchise is ongoing in Purfleet, England. For the last number of weeks, extras have gone into a studio to be filmed as an audience for the upcoming game. The belief is that the live crowd is going to be dropped right into the game rather than being animated by the developers.

The last Guitar Hero game was Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock in 2010 so the rumoured 2015 would mean a five-year layoff for the franchise. Prior to that, the music game genre suffered a massive collapse with a reported revenue drop of $700 million from 2008 to 2009. Oversaturation of the market from both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises were blamed for the collapse of the music game genre and both Activision and EA abandoning the market abruptly after their 2010 offerings were released. At their peak, the GH and RB franchises were among the biggest and most powerful in the gaming world. In fact, I named Rock Band one of the seven best games of the 7th generation for its impact.

My question is who is actually going to develop the new Guitar Hero. Neversoft took over the franchise from Harmonix starting with Guitar Hero 3. However, they closed up shop earlier this year when they were merged with CoD developer Infinity Ward. I know that Activision has a whole host of studios that it can quickly ring up to work on it but this rumour rings a little hollow without a dev attached if you ask me. I’ll wait and see on this one and while it wouldn’t surprise me to see Guitar Hero come back, I’m not getting my hopes up either.

Source: PlayStation Universe


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