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The Evolution of Racing Video Games (Infographic)

If there are two passions of mine that I write about far too frequently, it’s motorsports and video games. Naturally, I love writing about and playing motorsport video games, especially proper racing sims.

Today, I have an infographic that combines both of my passions into one. Our friends at Team Sport have a look back at the history and evolution of racing video games. It even includes two games from Papyrus Racing Games who are my favourite racing sim devs of all time.



How Much Would Jabba’s Palace Cost? (Infographic)

With the cast of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII revealed, I think that it’s only appropriate to run a Star Wars edition of Movoto’s fantasy real estate valuation.

While I don’t think that the next Star Wars trilogy will make a return to Jabba’s Palace, I’d bet the Lars Family Moisture Farm that there will be a return to Tatooine. And there’s no better piece of real estate on the iconic desert planet than Jabba’s Palace. Once you get the Hutt and Rancor smells out of the place, it will set you back over 72 million Galactic Credits.


Game of Thrones Ad Placement Fail

It seems like the marketing blitz for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones is bigger than ever but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be limits to where you advertise. For example, putting a billboard with the Valar Morghulis slogan above an old folks home probably isn’t the best idea you’ve ever had.



World of Warcraft Celebrates 10 Years and 100 Million Players

This fall, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft will have been around for ten years. Just ahead of its tenth anniversary, Blizzard announced that the flagship of the MMO genre reached the 100 million account milestone. Those 100 million players have created over 500 million characters in the world of Azeroth. Sure, WoW might not have as many players now as it did at its peak but it’s still the biggest game in MMOs.

For more about the last ten years of WoW, we have a handy infographic for you.


The Many Faces of Lara Croft (Infographic)

The graphic quality of games has come a long way over the last eighteen years. Perhaps the best illustration of the changes in graphic and art design since 1996 is the progression of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider games. Lara has come a long way from a 540 polygon character best known for her chest size to the high-def character in the Tomb Raider reboot.

To examine the change in the character’s look, we have a handy infographic for your perusal.


The Sean Bean Film Death Infographic

Different actors have different skill sets. You hire Christian Bale if you want someone who can act his ass off regardless of his role. If shirts must be removed, Matthew McConaughey will be there. And if you want someone to die, there is no one in Hollywood better than Sean Bean. The man hasn’t met an on-screen death he couldn’t own.

Before we shut it down for Christmas break, here’s a spoiler-filled look at all of Sean Bean’s deaths.


Dreamhack Winter in Numbers

It’ll be a while before eSports ever gets the credit it deserves from the mainstream establishment but that doesn’t mean that it already isn’t a massive industry. The recently held Dreamhack Winter 2013 had over 20,000 visitors on-site, almost 8 million unique views of the live streams, a near half-a-million dollar prize pool and a live performance by Darude.

For this and more neat info about Dreamhack Winter 2013, we have a handy infographic for your perusal.

Crime Does Pay: The Real-World Price of Homes in GTA5

So Trevor’s trailer out in the desert away from Los Santos isn’t exactly the sort of place that you would show off but Michael and Franklin sure live in some pretty nice homes in Los Santos.

As anyone who games knows, the economics of a game is very different from the economics of real life. So how much would buying a house like the one’s featured in Grand Theft Auto V cost you? Our friends at Movato did some valuation work and came up with the multi-million dollar answer.


How Much Would Thor’s Castle Cost?

Sure, Thor might be a Norse demigod and not live on Earth but that doesn’t mean that he has one cool pad. (People still say stuff like that, right?) Since Thor: The Dark World opens in theatres this weekend, our friends at Movato thought that now would be a good time to look at the value of Thor’s Castle. I’d reckon that’s where most of the movie’s budget went.


IGN Review Logic

I know more than one person does the reviews at IGN but I still like to have a laugh at box quotes proven wrong. Battlefield 4 promoted itself with an IGN quote saying that it blew CoD: Ghosts out of the water. Then the actual reviews come out and…

By the way, BF4’s current-gen console score was only 8.0/10. That’s an even bigger win for CoD.


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