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Phil Fish Getting Out of Games, Cancels Fez 2

fez-2-logoPhil Fish, the controversial Montreal-based developer behind the critically acclaimed Fez, announced that he is cancelling Fez 2 and is planning to get out of the games industry.

This news follows a rather public, rather vulgar Twitter spat with games media personality Marcus Beer, also known as GameTrailers’ Annoyed Gamer, over Phil’s refusal to comment to the gaming media about Microsoft’s about-face on its indie self-publishing policy.

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Polytron Announces Fez 2

Love him or hate him, Phil Fish made a damn good video game when he and his team at Polytron made Fez. (Review coming eventually, I promise.)

In an announcement at the Horizon conference, a one-day video game arts show run by Venus Patrol and the LA Museum of Contemporary Art, Fish officially announced that Fez 2 is in development and would be coming eventually on consoles to be named later. Hey, Phil, the Wii U doesn’t charge indies for patches!

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