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The Humble Deep Silver Bundle?

I could be wrong but I think that Deep Silver secretly bought the rights to sell games via Humble Bundle in the THQ bankruptcy fire sale? That’s the only logical explanation for the latest Humble Bundle being the Humble Deep Silver Bundle.

The base deal includes copies of Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2: Dark Waters and Sacred 2 Gold. If you pay more than the average, you add on the SR3 Full Package (season pass) and Dead Island: GOTY Edition. As an extra bonus for big spenders, dropping $25 or more gets you Dead Island: Riptide.

I’d imagine a lot of people picked these games up during a past Steam Sale or even during the Humble THQ Bundle. If you haven’t, here’s a chance. But if you do own some of these games, folks on Reddit say the Bundle doesn’t let you gift those games. They just disappear. Suddenly, $25 for DI:R and the SR3 season pass doesn’t appeal to me.

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THQ is No More After Auction. Long Live THQ!

thq-bankruptcy-logoThe bankruptcy forced sale of games publisher THQ ended with the company’s assets being divided up at auction. The sum of THQ’s parts turned out to be greater than its whole as the auction sale raised a reported total of close to $100 million in revenue. This beat the high bid for THQ as a whole of $70 million from Clearlake Capital Group which meant that the publisher was sold for parts. Read the rest of this entry

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