Hold on to Your Wallets! The Steam Fall Sale Starts November 26

steam-sale-wallpaperWith American Thanksgiving coming up this week, you knew that it wasn’t a matter of if there would be a big Steam sale this week but when it would be. An email from PayPal has revealed that this year’s Steam Fall Sale will start on Wednesday, November 26th at 1:00 PM EST.

The PayPal email says that the 2014 Steam Fall Sale will start on November 26th and end on December 1st. So no one gets confused, that means the final daily deals and/or encore sales are available until 12:59 PM EST on December 1st.

Unlike in previous years, leaks about this year’s fall and Christmas Steam sales have been harder to come by. As per usual, though, Valve has been trumped on the announcement by news outlets through leaks (in this case, a leak from PayPal telling people to top up their Steam Wallets), though I think this probably drums up more hype than an announcement giving people a lot of lead time.

Here’s the email that was circulated by PayPal:


There haven’t been any leaks about the format of this year’s big Steam Sales. I would imagine that we’ll continue to see the familiar mix of 48-hour Daily Deals, eight-hour Flash Sales and Community Picks. Given the short time of this sale, a Steam Summer Adventure repeat seems unlikely. There also isn’t any information as to if or how the new discoverability features will be integrated into the sale.

And before we get to the sale on Wednesday, here’s my usual piece of advice that I hope you don’t still need: Don’t buy something unless you see it on sale as a Daily Deal, Flash Sale or Community Pick. If it’s just discounted for the sale, wait until the final eight hours of the sale so you don’t buy it for more than you could otherwise get it for. I’m just trying to save you money here.

Original Source: VG24/7


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  1. Extremely excited for this!


  2. Not fair I have no money left after everything else thats come out over the past two months 😦


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