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Steam Holiday Sale: December 21, 2013

steam-holiday-sale-2013-header-dec-21It’s day three of the annual Steam Holiday Sale. You know, it’s bad enough that Christmas gifts are devastating my wallet, now I have Steam plucking money out too. Damn you, GabeN!

Anyway, there are some good picks in the current deals if you don’t already own them. Daily deals on Sleeping Dogs and the Star Wars: The Old Republic series. On the flash sales, there’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut. Definitely some great deals open right now.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 20, 2013

steam-holiday-sale-2013-bannerHave we all made it to the second day of the Steam Holiday Sale without going bankrupt? I did though I was close to clearing out my wishlist yesterday. I’ll probably be even closer today with some of the flash sales and community picks over the next 24 hours. I’ve pretty much gotten all of the daily deals I like in the last sale. Mind you, Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior might get a buy.

Two quick reminders before we go on. First, the daily deals are for 48 hours so you have until 1:00 PM EST tomorrow to get The Stanley Parable for 40% off. (That’s a note-to-self. All of yesterday’s daily deals are still active today.) And second, the prices tend to change as Valve discovers errors. The BioShock Infinite season pass and DLC was 75% for a few minutes yesterday before that was corrected. I just missed it but that would have been a great deal considering there’s one piece still to be released.

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Hold On To Your Wallets! The Steam Holiday Sale is Underway!

steam-holiday-sale-2013-headerHas your wallet sufficiently recovered from the last Steam sale that only ended three weeks ago? Well, too bad. It’s time for the annual Steam Holiday Sale. If you missed any of the deals from the Autumn Sale, they’ll be back again here. The only difference between the Autumn and Holiday Sale deals is that there’s more time during this sale for flash sales, daily deals and community picks. Otherwise, the discounts will be the same.

As always, I’ll remind you at the start of the sale that you shouldn’t buy anything until the end of the sale unless it’s a daily deal, flash sale or a community pick. If something you want isn’t popping up on there, wait until the end of the sale to buy it.

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Steam Autumn Sale: December 2, 2013

steam-autumn-sale-2013-headerThere’s only 23 hours left in the Steam Autumn Sale. I think we’re just about ready to declare a free-for-all on buying stuff you don’t want to wait until the Holiday Sale for. Keep in mind that this is the last set of Daily Deals but Flash Sales will still cycle through every eight hours.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Steam sale leak that we told you about in early November says that the regular sale discount (not the daily/flash sale discounts) will be the same both now and during the Holiday sale. If you miss something now, you can wait until the next sale and hope that it flashes to something better.

For now, though, there are a couple of good games up for grabs on the cheap. If you haven’t picked up Tomb Raider yet, this is the lowest I’ve seen it (and naturally, lower than what I bought it at). Also, Brutal Legend is on a flash sale for 90% off ($1.99) so if you have any interest, now is the time to buy it.

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Steam Autumn Sale: December 1, 2013

steam-autumn-sale-2013-headerIt’s the second-to-last full day of the 2013 edition of the Steam Autumn Sale and there are some good daily deals on some recent popular releases. Far Cry 3 and Metro: Last Light are both on deep discount today so if you’re looking for something to pass the time until the Holiday Sale (which is rumoured to start in only 18 days), you could do worse.

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Steam Autumn Sale: November 30, 2013

steam-autumn-sale-2013-headerWell, I just realized something colossally embarrassing when writing this post. No, I don’t mean that I’m constantly overpaying for games. I mean that the last two posts were labelled as being in October. How’d I pull that off?

Anyway, there’s some big titles on sale today if you’re looking for something to fill in the gap between now and the Christmas (Holiday) Sale in case you missed out on Train Simulator 2014 earlier today. Of course I bought it. I may do something special with that once I play around with that for a bit.

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Steam Autumn Sale: November 29, 2013

steam-autumn-sale-2013-headerIt’s Black Friday in America which means that our Yank friends are probably nursing some bumps and bruises from fighting through crowds for big deals in stores. The rest of us, on the other hand, are safe at home getting big discounts like those in today’s third day of the Steam Autumn Sale.

A quick note before we get into today’s daily deals and active flash sales. There are other big sales at other retailers besides Steam. is doing a 70% off discount on 65 titles over the weekend. Green Man Gaming is doing their 4-Play discount which sees four new deals every four hours for four days so check back there frequently over the weekend (though they usually do a big final day blow out where everything’s on sale). And is having an extensive sale this weekend but you need to enter a US address to take advantage which I’m sure you can manage.

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Steam Autumn Sale: November 28, 2013

steam-autumn-sale-2013-headerIt’s day two of the six-day Steam Autumn Sale and there are some good deals on some really good indie games. Naturally, I’ve already bought them because I never seem to hold out for the sale.

Before we get into today’s deals and the currently active flash sales, yesterday’s daily deals are still active. Check out yesterday’s Steam Sale post for those deals if you need a refresher.

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The Steam Autumn Sale is Underway!

steam-autumn-sale-2013-headerDon’t say that I didn’t warn you. As we mentioned three weeks ago on the blog, the Steam Autumn Sale is underway today and is running through Tuesday, December 3rd. As we’re wont to do around here, we’ll keep you updated with all the daily deals each day during the sale with links to any coverage we may have done on those games.

As always, you shouldn’t buy anything until the end of the sale unless it’s a daily deal or flash sale. And keep in mind that the daily deals appear to be 48 hours in length according to the actual store page for each game (the front page says 24 hours as of writing) and there’s no sign of community picks so far.

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Programming Note for August 22 – 27

Hi folks. I have a quick PSA for the rest of the week.

I’m off for the rest of the week and into next week so the blog will be going quiet for the next few days. Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be covering any of the big news from Gamescom as it happens. I’ll do a wrap up of the biggest announcements and stories next week.

Expect normal programming to resume next Wednesday.

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