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The Tetris Movie is Now The Tetris Trilogy to Fit the Story

tetris-mock-trailer-headerJust when you thought that the question was “how do they make a movie out of Tetris,” the folks at Threshold Entertainment has changed it to “how in the blue hell are they going to make a movie trilogy out of Tetris?” The movie’s producer has told Empire that the planned Tetris movie will be a trilogy because the story is too big to be told in just one movie.

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2015 League of Legends World Championship: Lessons Learned from Week One Champion Selection

league-of-legends-2015-world-championship-headerI think I’ve mentioned it before on the blog but an acquaintance of mine is trying to drag me back into playing League. He’s an ADC and he’s looking for a regular support main to keep him dying. So not only have I been scrambling to learn new champions (I’m not very good at Bard or Soraka but I picked up Sona and Thresh surprisingly quickly) but I’ve been watching the World Championship to pick up a thing or two.

One of the more interesting storylines from Worlds, besides the Western teams doing surprisingly well, especially Cloud 9, is how diverse champion selection has been through the first four days of group stage matches. In the 2014 Worlds, only 58 champions were contested during the whole event. In one week, the teams have contested 59 champions and we could see more champions introduced to counter other team comps as the month progresses.

But what lessons are there to be learned from picks and bans from the first week of Worlds?

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Legends Rising: A League of Legends Documentary Series

Ahead of today’s start of the 2015 League of Legends World Championships, Riot released a six-part documentary series looking behind the scenes at six professional players including SK Telecom mid Faker, TSM mid Bjergsen, paiN Gaming ADC brTT, Origen mid xPeke, Flash Wolves support SwordArt and OMG ADC Uzi.

Samsung White Win League of Legends World Championship

league-of-legends-2014-world-championship-headerIt might not have been for $5 million but that doesn’t make any less sweeter for the champions. Korean team Samsung White capped off a spectacular run through the 2014 League of Legends World Championship with a dominant 3-1 victory over Chinese team Star Horn Royal Club to win the championship and a $1 million prize.

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Please Don’t Microwave Your iPhone 6

Remember last year when a fake ad claimed that upgrading to iOS 7 would introduce a feature that would make your iPhone waterproof? Well, probably not because it was a 4chan hoax. Some people inexplicably fell for that and ruined their iPhones but I wouldn’t say that they didn’t have it coming out of sheer stupidity.

This year, those same folks from 4chan are back with a new fake ad that claims that an iOS 8 upgrade introduces the ability to charge your iPhone in the microwave.

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Riot Isn’t Interested in Crowdfunding eSports Prize Pools

league-of-legends-2014-world-championship-headerJust because The International was able to add over $9 million to the prize pool thanks to crowdfunding via sales of the Compendium and ESL boosted their prize pool for ESL One: Frankfurt the same way doesn’t mean that crowdfunding prize pools is for everyone.

Riot Games’ head of European eSports, Jason Yeh, has come out as saying they’re not interested in getting fans to contribute to their World Championship pot with an anonymous employee being a lot more blunt with his opinion.

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Riot Shows Off Updated League of Legends Summoner’s Rift

league-of-legends-wallpaperJust because you’re the top MOBA in the world and the most watched game on Twitch, that doesn’t mean that you should rest on your laurels. Last week, Riot Games took the covers off an upcoming update to their game’s main map, Summoner’s Rift.

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George R.R. Martin: Wedding Planner

Did you know that A Song of Ice and Fire author and Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin also does wedding planning in his spare time? I kind of wish that he’d worry more about the books than TV or weddings but he does plan some memorable weddings.

By the way, spoilers.

Geeky Condom Wrappers

I think that we all need a good laugh to close out the week. It’s certainly felt like a long one up here in Canada and I’m not just saying that because a weird rain/snow mix winter storm is rolling through right now. So I thought I’d share this geek culture set of condom wrappers by Kode Logic.

Remember, kids, practice safe sex and the following images are ever so slightly NSFW.

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Gravity Gets an Honest Trailer

It may be a critically acclaimed, award nominated movie but I haven’t really been too interested in Gravity. Sure, it looks pretty but the commercials didn’t seem to indicate much to the movie besides visuals and a panicking Sandra Bullock. And this edition of Honest Trailers… doesn’t do anything to change my mind actually.

And while I know that Honest Trailers takes the piss out of movies, between this and the terrible DVD ads, Sandra Bullock does seem a bit like Homer Simpson when he did his stint with NASA. Her character doesn’t exactly seem like she would ever make it past NASA training. Oh well. Suspension of disbelief and all that.

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