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The Tetris Movie is Now The Tetris Trilogy to Fit the Story

tetris-mock-trailer-headerJust when you thought that the question was “how do they make a movie out of Tetris,” the folks at Threshold Entertainment has changed it to “how in the blue hell are they going to make a movie trilogy out of Tetris?” The movie’s producer has told Empire that the planned Tetris movie will be a trilogy because the story is too big to be told in just one movie.

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Hollywood is Working on a Tetris Movie for Some Reason

tetris-headerTurning video games into movies is pretty common place nowadays. There was a Need For Speed movie earlier this year. Resident Evil has a rather lengthy and successful enough film franchise. Ubisoft is trying to make movies out of all of its big franchises starting with 2012’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. There are movies for World of Warcraft, Uncharted and Gran Turismo in the works.

However, the latest video game adaptation is likely to leave you scratching your head. Threshold Entertainment has plans to turn Tetris into the next video game to hit the silver screen.

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