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Apple Unveils New iPhone 7, Aggravates Headphone Users

iphone-7-bannerEven if you don’t know what day it is, there are some events that let you know which month it is. Christmas will always be in December. Canada Day and Independence Day are always in July. And new iPhone reveal day is a hallmark of September. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were unveiled, though likely to pre-event fanfare than the PlayStation Meeting also held on Wednesday. As seems to be the case with Apple, they’re bringing a few features that were formerly Android phone exclusive to the iPhone with a new one that might have people up in arms.

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The iPhone 6 Plus Has a Bending Problem

iphone-6-plus-bendingEarlier this week, I told you not to microwave your iPhone 6. Today, I’m going to have to tell you not to put your iPhone 6 Plus in your pockets. This has nothing to do with any hoax ad. It turns out that there are multiple reports of iPhone 6 Pluses bending under sustained pressure while in someone’s pocket.

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Please Don’t Microwave Your iPhone 6

Remember last year when a fake ad claimed that upgrading to iOS 7 would introduce a feature that would make your iPhone waterproof? Well, probably not because it was a 4chan hoax. Some people inexplicably fell for that and ruined their iPhones but I wouldn’t say that they didn’t have it coming out of sheer stupidity.

This year, those same folks from 4chan are back with a new fake ad that claims that an iOS 8 upgrade introduces the ability to charge your iPhone in the microwave.

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Apple Unveils Two iPhone 6s and the Apple Watch

apple-iphone-6-apple-watch-headerIn news that should shock absolutely no one (except all the mainstream media who thought this was the most revolutionary announcement ever), Apple announced exactly what was rumoured. The new iPhone 6 was unveiled with two screen sizes that are both bigger than the current iPhone 5-series offerings and a new smart watch. That and a bunch of other new little gadgetry additions were noted for those devices that weren’t really reported on ahead of time.

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iPhone 6 Coming with Two Screen Choices that are Bigger than the 5S

iphone-6-size-comparisonIf you spent hundreds of dollars on a gold iPhone 5S, I feel bad for you son. I’ve got iPhone problems but a small screen soon won’t be one. The Wall Street Journal is now backing up a months old report by Japanese business publication Nikkei that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 won’t just come with a bigger screen but a choice of screen sizes for iPhiles to choose from.

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Apple Unveils iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

ios-8-headerThere are some things that happen so regularly that it almost doesn’t deserve to be considered news. The sun rose this morning. Apple showed off a new iteration of both iOS and OS X at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple fans hailed it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Something expected to be great was compared to sliced bread. You know, the usual stuff that is somehow still news.

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Lawsuit Claims iPhones Don’t Deliver Texts to Android Phones

apple-iphone-5-headerHave you ever wondered why your friends with iPhones never seem to text back or take their sweet time answering? They aren’t ignoring you. Well, not all of the time, anyways. A new lawsuit alleges that iPhones don’t deliver text messages to users on Android and other mobile phones with the problems worst for users who switched from iPhones to other devices.

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Apple to Buy Beats by Dre for $3.2 Billion

beats-by-dre-headerApple is on the verge of completing the biggest corporate acquisition in the company’s history is recent reports prove to be true. The company that made MP3 players and smartphones trendy and for the masses are going to buy the company that made ridiculously expensive and ostentatious headphones trendy and for the masses as Apple is nearing completion to buy Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion.

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Report: iPhone 6 to Come in Two Sizes, Both Bigger than the iPhone 5S

iphone-6-comparison-mockupI hope you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on the iPhone 5S thinking that is was going to be the be all and end all of iPhones. Only six months after the release of the latest iPhone, reports have come out about the upcoming bigger and better iPhone 6.

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Apple and Comcast In Talks to Bring Streaming TV to Apple TV

apple-tv-comcastJust one month after signing a deal with Netflix to give preferential network treatment to Netflix data, Comcast is working on another streaming content deal. This time, they’re not just the network provider looking for a cut. They want to stream content to Apple TV to allow the both companies to compete with Netflix.

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