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Poor Destiny Reviews May Have Cost Bungie a $2.5 Million Bonus

destiny-headerIt’s been reported in the past that developers have big bonuses tied to slightly arbitrary metrics like aggregated review scores. Fallout: New Vegas was infamous for Obsidian falling 1% short of its bonus goal on Metacritic.

Now, one of 2014’s most anticipated games and the new record holder for number of pre-orders for a new IP will fall afoul of its own review score goal. Destiny might have made a reported $500 million for Activision but Bungie won’t be picking up a reported $2.5 million bonus for scoring a 90% aggregated review score.

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YouTuber Recreates Guardians of the Galaxy Opening in Destiny

It took me until Labour Day weekend but I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy. There really isn’t a whole lot else to do when you’re a tourist in Sudbury once you get Science North out of the way. I don’t really do movie reviews but I think I can sum it up as being absolutely awesome.

One thing that I really loved was the soundtrack of oldies hits. I wasn’t expecting it when Redbone’s Come And Get Your Love came on at the start of the movie but it made for a great opener. And one thing that everyone seems to like about Bungie’s Destiny is the ability to bust a move on a whim. Naturally, that leads to the epic mashup of epic mashups as Guardians of the Galaxy meets Destiny in this video by Somewhat Awesome Games.

Game Trailers Roundup for August 18, 2014

Another week, another set of game trailers to get you hyped. Because we just wrapped up Gamescom, there are a lot of trailers for us to go through today.

Both Destiny and Star Citizen pulled out all the stops with multiple trailers released over the course of Gamescom week. EA kept busy with some reveals and trailers, a few of which we’ve already covered and a couple of which we have below. If you’ve fallen behind on trailers to watch over the last week, there’s quite a bit for you to catch up on.

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E3 2014: Game Trailers Roundup for June 13, 2014

It’s not just the press conferences that have trailers. Developers and publishers have been steadily releasing trailers over the course of the week. Since we quite clearly didn’t get to all of them in our media briefing recaps, let’s try to make up for that with a few of the trailers we haven’t shown you on the blog yet.

In first showings on etg, we have trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight and Dead Island 2. A teaser trailer for the new Doom game was released with more info coming at QuakeCon. Gameplay trailers for EVE: Valkyrie and Mario Party 10 are included. And while we’ve shown you some trailers for them already, there are new trailers for Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Bloodborne already.

We’ll keep our eyes open for more trailers and include them in next Monday’s trailers roundup.

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E3 2014: PlayStation Press Conference Trailer Roundup

Now that we’ve told you about the PlayStation press conference that closed out Monday’s festivities at E3, it’s time to show you some of what Sony had on offer at their big E3 show.

For the most part, I’ve stuck to the big titles that were exhibited by Sony Computer Entertainment but I couldn’t resist giving you a look at No Man’s Sky and Entwined because they both looked fantastic. Of course, so did LPB3 and Uncharted 4 but that was for very different reasons.

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E3 2014: PlayStation Wants to be Your Shooter and Multiplayer Console

playstation-4-e3-2014-headerSome seven hours after the Xbox media briefing ended, it was Sony’s turn to try to impress gamers with their keynote to close out Monday’s E3 action. Unlike the green brand, the PlayStation crew used their 90-minute presser to mix their game previews with some new hardware and entertainment offerings. As a result, the middle of the presser dragged a little bit relative to the Xbox one but did the rest of what was shown impress more than what Microsoft had to offer.

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Game Trailers Roundup for April 28, 2014

I’ve been meaning to find a way to wedge in trailers and other studio produced content for a while on the blog and I think I’ve finally found a way to do it without blatantly shilling for big publishers for free. Granted, a lack of preview coverage is one of the more frequently cited reasons for not getting review copies of games so consider this working on that. So for a while, until we all get bored with it, I’ll end Mondays by doing a roundup of some of the various game trailers that were released over the previous seven days.

This week, we get our first look at in-game footage from Dragon Age: Inquisition. If nothing else, it looks very pretty. It also looks like it has some more Skyrim and Dark Souls influence in it too, the latter of which I wasn’t expecting to see from a Dragon Age game but one could also say that pulls from Mass Effect 3 too.

We also saw trailers for Bungie’s upcoming Destiny, an eSports-style Evolve trailer, the first reveals of Grid: Autosport and Skylanders: Trap Team (with even more stuff to buy) and another gorgeous in-game trailer for Project CARS.

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Halo & Destiny Composer, Marty O’Donnell, Fired by Bungie

marty-odonnell-bungie-headerThe man behind the Halo theme, the original trilogy’s soundtrack and the director of voice acting and sound design for the Halo franchise has been fired by Bungie. Marty O’Donnell took to Twitter to announced that he had been dismissed by Bungie’s board of directors in a move that he says was without cause.

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Bungie’s Destiny: Much Ado About Nothing (Yet)

destiny-teaser-posterNot surprisingly, Bungie’s unveiling of their in-development Destiny to an assembled group of gaming press was massive news. After all, Bungie developed the Halo franchise, produced five well-received games in the series and have moved on to a much-anticipated new IP that will be published by Activision.

If you checked any of the major gaming blogs or news sites, Destiny’s unveiling wasn’t a one post piece of news. Writers dedicated multiple posts to news about the game but all those posts had one thing in common. Bungie didn’t unveil anything of substance about Destiny. Read the rest of this entry

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