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Bungie’s Destiny: Much Ado About Nothing (Yet)

destiny-teaser-posterNot surprisingly, Bungie’s unveiling of their in-development Destiny to an assembled group of gaming press was massive news. After all, Bungie developed the Halo franchise, produced five well-received games in the series and have moved on to a much-anticipated new IP that will be published by Activision.

If you checked any of the major gaming blogs or news sites, Destiny’s unveiling wasn’t a one post piece of news. Writers dedicated multiple posts to news about the game but all those posts had one thing in common. Bungie didn’t unveil anything of substance about Destiny. Read the rest of this entry


Building (Critical) Consensus: Crysis 3

In terms of visuals, the Crysis series is the most triple of the triple-A games. Okay, Crysis 2 wasn’t great if you were on a PC but the original Crysis still looks good today and Crysis 3 is an absolutely gorgeous game. However, a game can’t be carried on visuals alone. Is that where Crytek’s efforts fall apart with the third instalment in their Crysis franchise? Read the rest of this entry

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