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Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Re-Released on PC, Still Broken

batman-arkham-knight-headerIt’s been four months since its release and hasty withdrawal from sale but Batman: Arkham Knight is back on sale. The final part of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy was such an unmitigated disaster on PC that it was withdrawn from sale and subject to an unconditional refund through Steam.

After nearly four months of work, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has re-released Arkham Knight. And they almost instantly extended the unconditional refund availability to a deadline of the end of 2015. Yes, it’s still fairly broken.

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E3 2015: Trailer Roundup

e3-2015-bannerOver the course of the week, we’ve covered a lot of trailers from this year’s edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. However, we haven’t covered those trailers that weren’t revealed as part of one of the eight big press events held over the course of the week. Let’s make up with that by looking at a dozen of the trailers that you might have missed this week. There are some really big games that missed out on those big keynotes.

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E3 2014: Game Trailers Roundup for June 13, 2014

It’s not just the press conferences that have trailers. Developers and publishers have been steadily releasing trailers over the course of the week. Since we quite clearly didn’t get to all of them in our media briefing recaps, let’s try to make up for that with a few of the trailers we haven’t shown you on the blog yet.

In first showings on etg, we have trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight and Dead Island 2. A teaser trailer for the new Doom game was released with more info coming at QuakeCon. Gameplay trailers for EVE: Valkyrie and Mario Party 10 are included. And while we’ve shown you some trailers for them already, there are new trailers for Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Bloodborne already.

We’ll keep our eyes open for more trailers and include them in next Monday’s trailers roundup.

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Rocksteady Studios is Back with Batman: Arkham Knight

batman-arkham-knight-bannerJust when you thought that WB Games Montreal’s buggy and derivative Batman: Arkham Origins destroyed the Batman: Arkham franchise, the developer you need, rather than the developer you deserve, returns.

It hasn’t been a secret that Rocksteady was still working on projects for WB Games. It turns out that their next game is another entry into the Arkham franchise with Batman: Arkham Knight.

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