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E3 2014: Xbox Press Conference Trailer Roundup

Even I, with my limited knowledge of growing a community and increasing page views, know that you don’t tuck trailers from E3 into another post when you can make a separate post for extra page views. Granted, I’m not doing the standard one trailer per post to flood your various social media feeds and RSS readers with our posts.

Anyway, having just wrapped up our recap of the Xbox One press conference, it’s time to actually watch some of what Microsoft and friends had on offer at their big E3 keynote. We have the announcement trailer for Halo’s Master Chief Collection. Sunset Overdrive headlines the gameplay videos along with The Witcher III and Assassin’s Creed: Unity. As an added bonus, I’ve thrown in the Tomb Raider sequel teaser trailer.

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E3 2014: The Xbox One is Now a Games Console

xbox-one-logo-bannerWhen the Xbox One was unveiled last year and presented again at E3 last June, the focus wasn’t really on the games. Microsoft was more interested in pitching the Xbox One as an all-in-one entertainment unit for the living room by touting the entertainment apps and Kinect integration. Between not worrying about the games, the lingering DRM controversy and a price point $100 higher than the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has been in catch up mode for the last twelve months.

It’s amazing what a difference a year makes. With new Xbox division boss Phil Spencer at the helm, this year’s Microsoft E3 press conference was all about the games. The Kinect was hardly mentioned. Entertainment apps may as well not have existed.

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Halo & Destiny Composer, Marty O’Donnell, Fired by Bungie

marty-odonnell-bungie-headerThe man behind the Halo theme, the original trilogy’s soundtrack and the director of voice acting and sound design for the Halo franchise has been fired by Bungie. Marty O’Donnell took to Twitter to announced that he had been dismissed by Bungie’s board of directors in a move that he says was without cause.

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Microsoft Leaks Show Big Plans for the Xbox One This Year

xbox-one-whiteAfter a rocky initial announcement and slower sales than the PlayStation 4 at launch, Microsoft is going full-tilt to right the ship and assert the dominance of the Xbox One in the console market.

A number of leaks by NeoGAF user nktrnl, which were subsequently verified by various gaming news outlets, indicate a number of big games and console plans for the Xbox One over the next twelve months to get it on top of the current generation of consoles.

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This Halo Wedding Ring is Pretty Cool

I’ve never really understood what everyone sees in Halo. Maybe it’s because I was late to the game with the PC port but I never really got why it has such a massive following.

I will admit, though, that this custom-made wedding ring for a Kotaku reader that recreates the Halo from the first game is pretty damn cool.


Via: Kotaku

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