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Mojang and Telltale Teaming Up for Minecraft: Story Mode

minecraft-story-mode-logoI’ve never played Minecraft which puts me in an amazingly small minority of gamers. That doesn’t mean that the possibility of a Minecraft story mode doesn’t intrigue me. This isn’t going to be your standard story mode in Minecraft.

Yesterday, Mojang announced that it would be teaming up with Telltale Games to make Minecraft: Story Mode. It’s not a story mode in Minecraft, though. It’s a standalone Telltale Game set in the world of Minecraft.

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Microsoft Buys Mojang for $2.5 Billion

minecraft-xbox-one-edition-headerThe rumours are true. The biggest little indie studio in the world is being bought by the biggest evil empire in gaming (except for maybe EA… and Ubisoft). The earlier reports about Microsoft buying Minecraft developer Mojang was just a little off the mark. The US tech giant bought the Swedish indie studio for a whopping $2.5 billion.

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Microsoft Trying to Buy Minecraft Dev Mojang

minecraft-xbox-one-edition-headerThe biggest little indie studio in gaming might soon become part of the current evil empire of gaming. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is strongly pursuing Minecraft developer Mojang and has a deal worth more than $2 billion on the table for the company.

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7 Best Games of the 7th Generation: The Honourable Mentions

Having given you my list of the seven best games of the last generation of consoles, I thought that I should give you a brief look at some of the games that were on the shortlist but didn’t quite make the cut.

Over the course of eight years and thousands of games, cutting a list of the best of the best down to only seven game leaves many deserving games on the sidelines. So to close out our series looking at the best games of the last generation of consoles, here’s a look at some of the games that were under serious consideration for the list.

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PC Magazine Award Winners Have to Pay to Say They’re Award Winners

pc-magazine-logoI know that people often joke that certain big awards are bought and paid for but PC Magazine has their own unique way of getting money out of award recipients. Rather than making them pay to win the award, Ziff Davis, the owners of PC Mag, make winners pay to use the logo saying they’re PC Magazine award winners.

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How Much Can You Carry in a Game?

Have you ever wondered what the total weight of items your character can carry is? Sure, you’re limited to a number of slots in your inventory but carrying 25 items isn’t necessarily representative of how much your character is actually carrying. The gang at Vsauce have done some math to determine how much you can haul around in Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. After watching this, I kind of wonder if we can really claim that games are more realistic.

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