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Windows 10 to Include Xbox App and Cortana Integration

windows-10-platform-headerIn the gaming sector, Microsoft is often criticized for seemingly being opposed to cross-platform play opportunities. For those outside the gaming space, Microsoft isn’t open to Xbox console gamers playing with those on the likes of PC and PlayStation at the same time. A leak from a technical preview of Windows 10 shows that Microsoft might be willing to integrate a little more cross-platform functionality.

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Microsoft Buys Mojang for $2.5 Billion

minecraft-xbox-one-edition-headerThe rumours are true. The biggest little indie studio in the world is being bought by the biggest evil empire in gaming (except for maybe EA… and Ubisoft). The earlier reports about Microsoft buying Minecraft developer Mojang was just a little off the mark. The US tech giant bought the Swedish indie studio for a whopping $2.5 billion.

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Microsoft Trying to Buy Minecraft Dev Mojang

minecraft-xbox-one-edition-headerThe biggest little indie studio in gaming might soon become part of the current evil empire of gaming. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is strongly pursuing Minecraft developer Mojang and has a deal worth more than $2 billion on the table for the company.

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Xbox Loses $400 Million in 2014 Fiscal Year

xbox-one-red-ring-of-deathThe launch of a new video game console is an exciting time to be a gamer but investors are often a little less excited about that. Traditionally, consoles are loss leaders with the manufacturers making up the difference through license fees on game sales, patch certification fees, their own stores and subscriber programs.

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Another Xbox One-80: Microsoft to Sell Console without Kinect

xbox-one-no-kinect-headerAfter launching at a price point $100 higher than the PlayStation 4 and insisting that the Kinect was an integral part of the Xbox One and had to be connected for the console to work, Microsoft has completely walked back on all claims about the Kinect 2.0.

Microsoft announced that they will begin selling the Xbox One without the Kinect starting in June for $100 less than the original $499 asking price.

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Phil Spencer Takes Over as Xbox Boss

phil-spencer-e3-2013How busy was I last week? I completely missed that Microsoft announced that long-time Microsoft Studios boss, Phil Spencer, got a promotion. The company announced that he would be taking on a newly created role as the head of the Xbox and gaming division of Microsoft.

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The New Xbox Boss is a Man Who Wanted to Sell It Off

xbox-one-moneyWhen Microsoft was looking for a new CEO late last year and earlier this year, the name Stephen Elop, former CEO of Nokia, was one of the name that kept popping up as a favourite. Bloomberg reported that part of Elop’s pitch for the job was that he would sell off parts of the business that weren’t part of the company’s core strategy, including the Xbox division.

So guess who was just named the new boss of Microsoft’s Devices Division, the division that Xbox falls under in the Microsoft corporate umbrella? On Wednesday, Stephen Elop was announced as the Devices and Studios Division’s third boss in seven months, replacing current head Julie Larson-Green.

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Xbox One Game Recording Only for Xbox Live Gold

xbox-one-console-bannerAs part of their corporate policies, Microsoft has mandated that they can’t go more than a few weeks without doing something to annoy their current and potential future consumer base.

So August’s early frontrunner for Xbone move of the month is Microsoft confirming that users will only be able to use the Xbox One’s ability to record gameplay if you are an Xbox Live Gold member.

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Defense Grid: The Awakening is the First Xbox Games with Gold Game

xbox-games-with-goldBack at E3, Microsoft promoted their new Games for Gold program during their keynote. This program gives away two free games between the beginning of July and the launch of the Xbox One. Fable III was the first game given away under this promotion and Assassins’ Creed II and Halo 3 were announced as the first two games that would be given away as part of “Games with Gold.”

Well, funny I should mention that. Today was the release of the first Games with Gold game and it wasn’t Assassins’ Creed II or Halo 3. It was actually 2008 tower defence game Defense Grid: The Awakening.

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Don Mattrick Leaving Microsoft for Zynga

don-mattrick-pile-of-moneyAfter he took Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment division, AKA Xbox, from the top console brand in America and battered its reputation with a series of bad decisions over the last few months, it looks like Don Mattrick is going to leave brand destruction behind and try his hand at brand rehabilitation instead.

Mattrick is leaving his post as Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment for the CEO job at Zynga Entertainment.

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