Mojang and Telltale Teaming Up for Minecraft: Story Mode

minecraft-story-mode-logoI’ve never played Minecraft which puts me in an amazingly small minority of gamers. That doesn’t mean that the possibility of a Minecraft story mode doesn’t intrigue me. This isn’t going to be your standard story mode in Minecraft.

Yesterday, Mojang announced that it would be teaming up with Telltale Games to make Minecraft: Story Mode. It’s not a story mode in Minecraft, though. It’s a standalone Telltale Game set in the world of Minecraft.

For folks who frequent this blog, neither Mojang nor Telltale Games requires any introductions. Mojang is the developer behind one of the hottest games in the industry while Telltale has spent the last two years cementing itself as the best storytelling in gaming.

From the sounds of the announcements from both Mojang and Telltale, Minecraft: Story Mode is setting up to be like Tales from the Borderlands. It’s a story based on Minecraft but it’s not a Minecraft game. Like TFTB, it’ll be Telltale’s unique spin on a pre-existing game franchise. And similar to other Telltale games, it will be episodic, story-first and claim to adapt to the player’s decisions.

Okay, so this story delves dangerously close to the realm of PR hype piece but it does show us Telltale and Mojang branching off into something new. It also gives us an idea of what Telltale will be up to in the near future. They’re still in the early days of Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands and have added Minecraft to their 2015. Somewhere in there, they’re going to start work on The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. TWD Season 3 is expected to be released in mid to late 2015 while TWAU is expected to be the odd man out with Minecraft addition to the lineup with a Season/Volume 2 premiere rumoured to be delayed into 2016.

It’s great that Telltale Games is reaping the rewards of their recent success but they have to be careful not to spread themselves too thin. I guess now the usual warnings can include not to forget to dance with the one who brought them.

Sources: Mojang, Telltale Games


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