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Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Review: Full-Course Caution

forza-motorsport-6-apex-bannerWith the nearly forced conversion of Windows 7 and 8 users to Windows 10 earlier this year, Microsoft also announced their Xbox Play Anywhere program that promises all Microsoft published Xbox One titles will be available on PC via Windows 10 and the Microsoft Store. Given some teething problems with games through the Microsoft Store and the Universal Windows App (UWP) format, no one would fault you for being concerned.

The first experience that I’ve had as a result of Microsoft’s push of Windows 10 as a gaming platform is Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. Unlike the upcoming Forza Horizon 3, this isn’t a full release of Forza 6 on PC but rather a jumped up tech demo. While Forza 6 is a decent experience and certainly worthy of the Forza franchises comparisons to PlayStation’s Gran Turismo series, I can’t help but think that Apex is a little lacking.

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Mass Effect Review: Close Encounters of the Trilogy Kind

mass-effect-1-headerIf there’s one topic that that comes up on this blog at every available opportunity, it’s Mass Effect. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If I didn’t discover this game after university, I probably wouldn’t still be a gamer today. For some, that would be a good thing since I wouldn’t be pontificating on modern gaming, the business of video games and the quality of games journalism.

Out of university, I played Mass Effect 1 on my laptop and immediately carried straight into Mass Effect 2. I loved this game so much that I played through each game three times for well over 200 hours in total before I started Mass Effect 3. That might even be on the low-end for people who love this franchise. What made me love this game so much that I devoted literally hundred of hours of my life to playing and writing about the franchise. Well, let’s start with the first one. Read the rest of this entry

Is Microsoft Making a Mistake Pushing the Microsoft Store on PC Gamers?

quantum-break-headerHow many of you have heard of the Microsoft Store? I don’t mean a physical retail location like the Apple Stores. I mean a digital store. If Steam’s operating system stats for its users are to be believed, about 34% of you might have heard of it since the Microsoft Store is only available to Windows 10 users.

I bring this up in the wake of the recent announcement that Microsoft is launching Quantum Break on PC alongside Xbox One. While Quantum Break will be the first game in Microsoft’s own renewed push towards making Windows a prominent gaming platform, the vast majority of PC gamers won’t be able to play it. That’s because Quantum Break won’t be coming to Steam but will be a Microsoft Store exclusive.

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et geekera’s Most Anticipated Games of 2016

Since we did our look back at 2015 earlier this week, it only makes sense to look forward this week. It’s only logical to follow-up on our list of our favourite games of 2015 with a look at the games that we’re most excited about in 2016 with the Most Anticipated Games of 2016.

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Ori and the Blind Forest Review: Games as Art

ori-and-the-blind-forest-wallpaperHow long does it normally take to figure out if a game is any good? It’s not a topic I’ve ever given much thought to until I started writing this review. Ori and the Blind Forest makes a very strong first impression with an opening scene that is guaranteed to make you cry in the first ten minutes of the game. It doesn’t take you long to realize you’re playing one of the best games of 2015.

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Microsoft Buys Mojang for $2.5 Billion

minecraft-xbox-one-edition-headerThe rumours are true. The biggest little indie studio in the world is being bought by the biggest evil empire in gaming (except for maybe EA… and Ubisoft). The earlier reports about Microsoft buying Minecraft developer Mojang was just a little off the mark. The US tech giant bought the Swedish indie studio for a whopping $2.5 billion.

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Microsoft Trying to Buy Minecraft Dev Mojang

minecraft-xbox-one-edition-headerThe biggest little indie studio in gaming might soon become part of the current evil empire of gaming. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is strongly pursuing Minecraft developer Mojang and has a deal worth more than $2 billion on the table for the company.

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Who Wants a Project Spark Beta Key? UPDATE: ALL GONE!

project-spark-bannerYou know what we haven’t done in our 15 or so months of operation? A giveaway! I think it’s time to correct that.

I recently got five Project Spark beta keys and since I don’t have (or know anyone else who has) Windows 8 or an Xbox One, I’m giving them all away.

All you have to do is drop your name, email and preferred platform in the form below and that’s it. It’s first come, first serve so claim yours quickly. Also, I should come up with a better way to do giveaways in the future.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: State of Decay

state-of-decay-box-artJust after implying yesterday that we’ve been inundated with generic zombie games, we get an indie game that does the opposite of The Last of Us. While TLoU is about the story, the characters and the approach to how you play, Undead Labs’ State of Decay is an unabashed zombie survival horror.

The presentation of State of Decay might not be perfect but the depth of the gameplay and combination of the various gameplay mechanics make this one of the best zombie games ever made. It’s just too bad that it’s an XBLA exclusive. I’d love to try this on PC.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: Gears of War: Judgment

For the second time in as many weeks, another GoW game was released. However, this isn’t a new God of War but a new Gears of War. Judgment is a prequel in the lore of the Gears of War story. This one doesn’t focus on the exploits of chainsaw-wielding, steroid-using hero Marcus Fenix but Damon Baird who was a secondary character in the previous trilogy of games.

Were the critics tired of another game in another franchise that might just be getting milked to death or was something special done with the 4th (Microsoft) GoW game? Read the rest of this entry

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