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Tales from the Borderlands – Episode Five Review: End of the Road

tales-from-the-borderlands-episode-five-headerIt took them a while but Telltale has finally completed the Tales from the Borderlands series just as they got Minecraft: Story Mode off the ground. It’s fitting that one of Telltale’s game spin-offs ends as another begins. From what I understand of Minecraft: Story Mode (review coming soon), it’s apparently designed to appeal mostly to kids which is how I would peg the stereotypical audience of Minecraft proper.

I look at Tales from the Borderlands in a similar way. No, it’s not a kids’ game but it is a game designed to appeal to the audience of the proper game that it’s based on. In its final episode, though, Tales from the Borderlands finally clicks in the way we’ve gotten used to from Telltale Games.

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Tales from the Borderlands – Episode Four Review: The Bravo-Team

tales-from-the-borderlands-episode-four-headerIf you were to ask the critics, Tales from the Borderlands is the hidden gem of Telltale’s slate of episodic adventure games. I’d hazard that those critics are also going to be fans of or at least have played the Borderlands games at some point in time. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never put much more than five hours into Borderlands.

When you take that into consideration, it’s probably not that much of a surprise that I haven’t rated Tales from the Borderlands as well as most critics. And while a number of critics saw the penultimate episode of TFTB as the best episode in the series and called the series the best thing out of Telltale since the first season of The Walking Dead. I saw it as just an episode.

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Tales from the Borderlands – Episode Three Review: The Long Road Home

tales-from-the-borderlands-episode-three-headerI’ve never really understood how Telltale can be so good at writing these episodic narrative arcs but be so completely incapable at writing the second episode of those stories. They go from great starts to non-existent follow-up and that certainly dampened my enthusiasm for the third episode of Tales from the Borderlands. Fortunately for Telltale, they aren’t too bad at bouncing back from a subpar effort and certainly did with this episode of TFTB.

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Tales from the Borderlands – Episode Two Review: Atlas Shrugged

tales-from-the-borderlands-episode-2-headerI know these episodic reviews of Telltale’s games aren’t exactly the most timely but the increasing length of time between Telltale’s releases aren’t exactly speedy either. We’re getting to the point where I’m not exactly sure that Telltale will be able to complete Tales From The Borderlands during this calendar year since the gap between releases is just over three months.

So some three months after it was released, I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing the second episode of Tales From The Borderlands. It would have been a lot easier to review this is I felt any passion for this product but I’m not entirely sure that I don’t feel a little more passion than Telltale does.

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Tales from the Borderlands – Episode One Review: There Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

tales-from-the-borderlands-episode-one-headerI’ve never really been a big first-person shooter fan. Maybe it’s coming from a console background in my youth rather than PC but I was never really into FPSs. So I’ve never been into the Borderlands franchise. Sure, I’ve got some ten hours into the first game and my sister knows the franchise inside and out (she’s the FPS player in the family) but I’ve never been compelled to keep going with those games.

That being said, I’m a big fan of the last couple of years of content from Telltale Games. While I haven’t had time to get to The Wolf Among Us (though I hear it’s fantastic), The Walking Dead seasons have been absolutely fantastic so of course I’m going to pick up the next game from Telltale. So can a merger of genres and developers that may not necessarily work at first glance come together to make another Telltale and Gearbox classic?

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Sega Agrees to $1.25 Million Settlement in Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit

aliens-colonial-marines-comparison-headerIt’s not been a couple of weeks since Gearbox filed to get out of the Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit and tried to leave all the blame at the feet of Sega that the game’s publisher is trying to settle their way out of the suit. Sega was filed a motion for approval of a settlement agreement that will see them pay out $1.25 million.

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Gearbox Files to be Removed from Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuits

aliens-colonial-marines-comparison-headerIn 2013, Gearbox Software and Sega were subject to action in a class action lawsuit for false advertising after the terrible disappointment that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, especially when compared to the demo footage that was circulated online.

While Gearbox didn’t publicly pay much attention to their legal undertakings, their lawyers did. This has resulted in Gearbox trying to get out of the lawsuit with a series of filings that throw Sega under the bus.

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Telltale Reveals First Tales from the Borderlands Details

tales-from-the-borderlands-headerWe’ve heard little about Telltale’s upcoming Tales from the Borderlands series since its reveal at the 2013 VGX but Telltale used a special panel at SXSW in Austin this weekend to shed some light on their take on Gearbox’s signature franchise.

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Gearbox and Sega Facing Lawsuit Over Aliens: Colonial Marines

aliens-colonial-marines-promo-01As if Aliens: Colonial Marines hadn’t been controversial enough with terrible reviews, the unfavourable differences between the demo and actual game and the finger-pointing over who was to blame for the failure of the game, it’s just gotten worse. A class action lawsuit has been filed in California claiming that Gearbox and Sega knowingly misrepresented the state of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Yesterday’s release of Aliens: Colonial Marines was anticipated by gamers and Aliens fans alike. How could you not be excited when the beloved sci-fi franchise was getting a game developed by Borderlands developer Gearbox Software. The result was a resounding thud with Game Rankings and Metacritic scores under 50%. Read the rest of this entry

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