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Football Manager 2015 Review: Every Single One of Us Loves Alex Ferguson

football-manager-2015-headerIt’s not often that I will follow an annual franchise through year-to-year but it’s interesting to see what work goes into a franchise as the developers change calendars. Most gamers look at the likes of Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty and write them off as being a fresh coat of paint and a change of venue but not much else. Sports franchises have a reputation for being an annual roster update and not much more.

Having played Football Manager 2014 and comparing it to this year, there’s a bit more to this year’s update to Football Manager than the rosters. There are a whole host of changes to the game that I think makes it a bit more new and casual gamer friendly as well as a few tweaks for those who are far more into the minutiae of football than I am.

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Sega Agrees to $1.25 Million Settlement in Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit

aliens-colonial-marines-comparison-headerIt’s not been a couple of weeks since Gearbox filed to get out of the Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit and tried to leave all the blame at the feet of Sega that the game’s publisher is trying to settle their way out of the suit. Sega was filed a motion for approval of a settlement agreement that will see them pay out $1.25 million.

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Gearbox Files to be Removed from Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuits

aliens-colonial-marines-comparison-headerIn 2013, Gearbox Software and Sega were subject to action in a class action lawsuit for false advertising after the terrible disappointment that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, especially when compared to the demo footage that was circulated online.

While Gearbox didn’t publicly pay much attention to their legal undertakings, their lawyers did. This has resulted in Gearbox trying to get out of the lawsuit with a series of filings that throw Sega under the bus.

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Football Manager 2014 Review: Manage It Like Ferguson

football-manager-2014-headerIt’s not exactly a great season to be a Manchester United fan. I know Sir Alex hand-picked David Moyes as his replacement but 8th in the table after a quarter of the season isn’t what you expect from United. Surely anyone could do better with this squad.

And that’s the premise behind Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series. Not everyone sees themself as the big hero on the pitch as you see in the FIFA series. FM is for the guy who has a couple of beers with his mates and says “I could do a better job running the team than that fool.”
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Gearbox and Sega Facing Lawsuit Over Aliens: Colonial Marines

aliens-colonial-marines-promo-01As if Aliens: Colonial Marines hadn’t been controversial enough with terrible reviews, the unfavourable differences between the demo and actual game and the finger-pointing over who was to blame for the failure of the game, it’s just gotten worse. A class action lawsuit has been filed in California claiming that Gearbox and Sega knowingly misrepresented the state of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Review: A Car in a Boat in a Plane in a Hedgehog

sonic-and-all-stars-racing-transformed-box-artI’ve never been a Sega guy. I grew up with a classic NES and had Mario rather than Sonic. Even my one friend who did have a Genesis (or Mega Drive, if you’d prefer) didn’t have a Sonic game. (He did have a game on the classic Stallone movie Cliffhanger so maybe game buying wasn’t his parents’ forté.) From there, I got a PS1 so I largely missed out on everything Sonic and Mario Kart related in my youth.

And that created a very real problem when it came to reviewing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It was described as fan service for long-time Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog fans and a Mario Kart clone. Well, I can’t exactly evaluate a game based on that when the Sega game I had the most playing time with was ATP Tour Championship Tennis.

Looking at SASRT (God, that’s a terrible acronym. That’s what happens when you make a game with an obscenely long and ridiculous title.) from a racing game enthusiasts perspective didn’t give me much cause for hope. After all, saying that Sega would only put out an exceptional Sonic game would omit the existence of Sonic Free Riders which was so universally panned that it makes Aliens: Colonial Marines look like Skyrim by comparison. Read the rest of this entry

Building (Critical) Consensus: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Yesterday’s release of Aliens: Colonial Marines was anticipated by gamers and Aliens fans alike. How could you not be excited when the beloved sci-fi franchise was getting a game developed by Borderlands developer Gearbox Software. The result was a resounding thud with Game Rankings and Metacritic scores under 50%. Read the rest of this entry

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