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Comcast and EA Working on Deal to Stream Games

ea-comcast-x1-headerIt looks like PlayStation Now might have some competition before it ever hits the market. Two two-time Consumerist Worst Company in America winners, Electronic Arts and current champion Comcast, are reportedly working on a deal to stream EA games to Comcast customers.

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Comcast Named Worst Company in America, Celebrates by Merging with TWC

comcast-worst-company-in-america-2014Timing is everything, especially in irony. Yesterday, Comcast was announced as the winner of The Consumerist’s annual Worst Company in America poll. On that same day, they filed their paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission to begin the process of merging with Time Warner Cable.

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Apple and Comcast In Talks to Bring Streaming TV to Apple TV

apple-tv-comcastJust one month after signing a deal with Netflix to give preferential network treatment to Netflix data, Comcast is working on another streaming content deal. This time, they’re not just the network provider looking for a cut. They want to stream content to Apple TV to allow the both companies to compete with Netflix.

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Netflix Paying Comcast for More “Direct Access” to Customers

comcast-netflix-logosWell, it looks like the first internet service provider to blink on net neutrality isn’t Verizon but Comcast. Comcast announced a deal with Netflix that allows Comcast customers more direct access to Netflix servers. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix is paying for that more direct access to their customers.

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