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iPhone 6 Coming with Two Screen Choices that are Bigger than the 5S

iphone-6-size-comparisonIf you spent hundreds of dollars on a gold iPhone 5S, I feel bad for you son. I’ve got iPhone problems but a small screen soon won’t be one. The Wall Street Journal is now backing up a months old report by Japanese business publication Nikkei that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 won’t just come with a bigger screen but a choice of screen sizes for iPhiles to choose from.

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Lawsuit Claims iPhones Don’t Deliver Texts to Android Phones

apple-iphone-5-headerHave you ever wondered why your friends with iPhones never seem to text back or take their sweet time answering? They aren’t ignoring you. Well, not all of the time, anyways. A new lawsuit alleges that iPhones don’t deliver text messages to users on Android and other mobile phones with the problems worst for users who switched from iPhones to other devices.

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Report: iPhone 6 to Come in Two Sizes, Both Bigger than the iPhone 5S

iphone-6-comparison-mockupI hope you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on the iPhone 5S thinking that is was going to be the be all and end all of iPhones. Only six months after the release of the latest iPhone, reports have come out about the upcoming bigger and better iPhone 6.

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Apple Announces the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7

iphone-5s-headerThe worst kept secret in the mobile world was made official yesterday. The next phones in Apple’s line-up are the iPhone 5S and the budget-conscious iPhone 5C. Both will be running on the latest mobile operating system from Apple, iOS 7.

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Report: Apple’s Next Big Announcement on September 10th

iphone-5-headerApple fans, mark your calendars. AllThingsD say that their sources tell them that Apple is planning its next big announcement on September 10th.

The expected big news to come from this year’s big iPhone event is Apple launching a lower-priced iPhone 5 to compete with some of the lower cost offerings running Android and Windows Phone without selling year-old models at a marginally lower price.

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Have Apple’s Sales Peaked? (Infographic)

After blowing away sales expectations for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, Apple’s iPhone 5 fell short of expectations. What was once one of the biggest products in the marketplace showed signs of slowing momentum both at the till and with consumers. Is it possible that the iPhone’s popularity has peaked?

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