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Google Stadia to Launch with Only 12 Games

The long-awaited, much-hyped Google video game streaming service is coming next week. However, early adopters of the service when it launches on November 19th will only find a dozen games on the service with only one of those being exclusive to the platform.

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YouTube Terms of Service Update Has Content Creators Concerned

Every so often, something happens over at YouTube that has content creators worried that the end is nigh for them and/or the website that hosts their content. So far, YouTube has come out mostly unscathed while YouTubers have found alternate ways of making a living creating online video content. Between the “adpocalypse,” copyright claim abuses, concerns over the application of community guidelines for monetization and ongoing changes to the YouTube discoverability algorithm, it’s seldom smooth sailing for your favourite YouTuber.

The latest changes to YouTube’s Terms of Service is doing nothing to allay those concerns as two lines are getting YouTubers concerned for their future… again.

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YouTube Music Subscription Service Leaks

youtube-music-key-headerI’d imagine that the only reason why YouTube isn’t blocked at my day job is because a bunch of people use YouTube to listen to music during the day. Based on the popularity of Psy, Justin Bieber and all those official Vevo channels, I’d hazard that there are millions of people around the world who use YouTube for the same purpose.

A leaked YouTube subscription service appears to be targeting just that group of people. The YouTube Music Key service will give users ad-free playback of YouTube music videos with the ability for offline and audio only playback.

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Twitch Introduces Audio Content Matching System For VODs

twitch-tv-logo-headerThe YouTube-ification of Twitch continues this week. With the shut down of Twitch Interactive’s original live-streaming website,, on Tuesday, Twitch made another move that moves it closer to being a live-streaming arm of YouTube. In a blog post on Wednesday, Twitch announced that they were introducing an audio content recognition algorithm to identify and mute copyrighted audio in VODs.

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Twitch Shuts Down Justin.TV

justin-tv-logoWith the sale of Twitch Interactive to YouTube / Google having been recently reported as being virtually a done deal, it was only a matter of time before changes were made at Twitch. The first move of the company under its new ownership was to shut down the original division of Twitch Interactive. Live-streaming website was the first casualty of the new regime with the site closing its doors on Tuesday.

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YouTube Adding Support for 48 and 60 FPS

youtube-bannerEven if it didn’t seem like a slow end of the news week, this would be a big headline. At VidCon last night, YouTube announced that the internet’s biggest video site will soon be adding support for videos that will play back at 48 and 60 frames per second.

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YouTube Reportedly to Buy Twitch For $1 Billion

twitch-tv-logo-headerIf you can’t beat them, buy them. While YouTube has tried their hand at live streaming, they aren’t as big as live streaming powerhouse Twitch. So how do you fight back? You buy them.

YouTube has dipped into Google’s massive pockets and reportedly come up with $1 billion to buy Twitch in what would be the online video site’s largest acquisition.

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YouTube is Rolling Out New Google+ Powered Comments

youtube-bannerReading the comments under YouTube videos isn’t particularly viable. It’s probably the most Mos Eisley place on the internet this side of ignorant Tea Partiers on Twitter. Now, YouTube is overhauling their commenting system using Google+ to help power the new comment structure.

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