The International 2014’s Prize Pool Tops $10 Million

the-international-bannerWhen the first Dota 2 world championship took place, it was hyped as the chance to become an eSports millionaire overnight as Na’Vi took home a $1,000,000 grand prize for winning the tournament.

This year’s edition of The International will take the idea of becoming an eSports millionaire to the next level. Not only will the winning team pick up the biggest prize in eSports history but each member of the winning team could earn over $1,000,000.

The previous record eSports championship prize pool was set by last year’s edition of The International at $2.87 million thanks to the same crowdfunding of the prize pool Valve is using this year. For the 2013 and 2014 Internationals, the prize pool was set with a base of $1.6 million with 25% of sales of The International Compendium, a sort of interactive program, going towards the prize pool. In 2014, that has added over $8 million to the prize pool.

As of writing, The International’s prize pool is at about $10.1 million. The additional $8.5 million that was added to the prize pool through Compendium sales means that Valve’s revenue from the Compendium is about $34 million from 3.4 million Compendiums sold. That translates to roughly 39% of players in the last month buying a Compendium. It’s probably not an accurate reflection of the popularity because purchases aren’t limited to active players but it does give a little indication of how much of the community is supporting this tournament.

If the prize pool distribution sees the winning team pick up at least 50% of the prize pool as has been the case over the last three years, each member of the winning team could walk away millionaires. With the prize pool topping $10 million, that would mean that the winning team will earn over $5 million and each of the five team members picking up $1 million.

In order to help get people to buy the Compendium, Valve included a bunch of perks and stretch goals for the people buying it. Originally, stretch goals were only listed up to $6 million but that list was expanded to goals up to $10 million. OnGamers suggests that prize pool projections top out at over $12 million. Valve hasn’t added new stretch goals to cover this possibility though it looks like they’re busy enough working on the current set of achieved stretch goals.

The International 2014 will take place over two weeks starting on July 8th with the play-in tournament for the 16th spot in pool play. The final eight double-elimination playoff will take place from July 18th to 21st with the Best of Five Grand Final on Monday, July 21st.

Source: Dota 2


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