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Steam Summer Sale: June 29, 2014 (Final Day)

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerIt’s the final day of the 2014 edition of the Steam Summer Sale. You have less than 24 hours to pick up those must-own games on your wishlist. And since there are no more Flash Sales or Community Choices, you don’t have to worry about overpaying on Steam anymore.

So it’s Encore Day to close out the Steam Sale. If there’s a game that you wanted during the sale, chances are that it’s on deep discount since there are 40 games featured as a daily deal. To help you keep things straight. The front page deals are listed separately of the hidden or associated deals. Trust me, there are a lot of big discounts today. I may have missed a few and I’ve assembled a massive list of discounts for you.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 28, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerSteam, being the very open and good at advance warning type of people that they are, have quietly said that today is the final day for the Summer Adventure. If you want to score points, you have to craft those badges by 1:00 PM tomorrow (June 29th). I guess they don’t want to be giving out games after the sale ends on the 30th slash they want to give you a chance to buy games you won’t win before the sale ends.

Anyway, today’s sale is my wallet buster. Chivalry and Baldur’s Gate II are both on daily deals and Broken Age is a flash sale right now. Transistor is still on daily deal from yesterday. And… they’re in my library. See? That’s some of my wishlist taken care of. Still waiting for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD to go on flash sale but I’m not going to pass on it if it doesn’t. I think you’ll find some good stuff too. Lots of good stuff is on sale right now.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 27, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerWe’re entering the final weekend of the 2014 edition of the Steam Summer Sale. I haven’t bought too, too much during this sale but I bet I’ll be able to clear off a pile of games from my wishlist by Monday if they aren’t going on a daily/flash deal.

Just remember that the sale ends on June 30th. That should be 1:00 PM EDT on June 30th so don’t wait too long to make those last-minute purchases.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 26, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerI can’t win a daily deal vote but I’m going to pretend that I’m actually helping the Red Team to victory in the Steam Summer Adventure. Just when we all thought that everyone was taking turns winning, the Red Team pulled off two straight wins and are going for their third-straight today.

Meanwhile, there are still sales happening. Today is what I’m going to call the sequel sale. AC4, Civ5, L4D2 and the Resident Evil games are all on sale. If you’re interested in franchises, this is a good day to jump in with a purchase (or five).

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Steam Summer Sale: June 25, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerSteam has made a change to the Summer Adventure prize structure that might require more formal documentation on the blog but you should take a look because you don’t have to be in first place to win the big prizes now.

Anyway, since I’m naming everyday’s sales, I’d say that today’s theme is Hidden Deals. Sure, there are some pretty common deals as your visible daily deals but it’s all the hidden stuff that isn’t right up front that is worth your money. Fortunately, I have dug many of them up. The whole Batman: Arkham, BioShock and Final Fantasy franchises are on sale which is big news for fans of those franchises.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 24, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerWell, I finally bought something during the Steam Summer Sale. It took five days at it was Battleblock Theater for $3.74 but it still counts. If you’re a bit behind on some more recent popular triple-As or well-regarded indies, this is the sort of day that will break the bank a bit. I did that in previous sales because I’m an idiot so you’ll be saving money compared to me.

Also, I’m having a terrible run with Community Choice voting. I think I’ve voted for the winning deal twice this whole sale. If I tell you guys that I’m voting the Casual – Comedy bundle, will you help me out with a few votes?

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Steam Summer Sale: June 23, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerSince I seem to be making a habit of naming the sales that are up as I make these posts, I think I might call this one the “Holy crap! It only costs how much?” pack. If I told you that I would sell you Dark Souls, Hitman: Absolution and Awesomenauts for less than $10, would you go for that? You can do it with this sale.

Awesomenauts is actually on for $1 right now on a flash deal so you should jump right on that. Failing that, you can get the following games (among others) for less than $5: Dark Souls, FTL, Rogue Legacy, Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Hitman: Absolution. If I didn’t own all of these games, I would suggest that I would break the bank on this one. I did that on previous sales, though.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 22, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerSo if I called yesterday’s deals the critically acclaimed set of games, right now, you’re looking at the Something For Everyone pack. there are shooters and RPGs and horror games and even some casual games. Chances are that if you really want to spend some money, you’ll find something to spend it on today.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 21, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerThe red team won yesterday’s Steam Adventure challenge which doesn’t do me a bit of good because I didn’t win anything off my wish list. If we use today’s peak of 7.2 million users as a proxy for the number of players on all the teams, that means you have a one in 1.44 million chance of winning some games. It’s not the best incentive ever when you do the math.

Anyway, today’s daily deals are the critical acclaim set. You have Dragon Age: Origins and Skyrim for the RPG and fantasy fans. Indie gamers can pick up The Stanley Parable and Terraria if that’s more their speed.

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Steam Summer Sale: June 20, 2014

steam-summer-sale-2014-bannerSo the Purple Team won Day One of Steam Summer Adventure. What does that mean? I have no idea but you best believe that I’m going to be writing a column explaining why this is a new way to reinvigorate the Steam Marketplace. As if Valve wasn’t going to be making enough money from this sale to begin with.

Like yesterday, I’m a little at a loss for games that I haven’t bought yet. At a certain point, you’re going to run out of games you want to play that you don’t own. Maybe it was for the best that there wasn’t a Spring Sale this year.

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