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The Cost of Being Batman v. Superman (Infographic)

Earlier today, we took a look at the history of the Batmobile. If you were Bruce Wayne, you would know that buying or developing the latest in gadgetry to become the great detective of Gotham isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s impossibly expensive to be Batman. However, nobody ever asks how much it costs to be Superman. Well, that’s probably because Superman doesn’t need fancy gadgets but just himself to dispense justice. So thanks to this handy infographic, let’s take a look at how much it costs to be both Batman and Superman.

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Man of Steel 2 Now Called “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-logoJust when you thought that Superman was back in a big way with last year’s blockbuster Man of Steel, DC Comics and Warner Brothers want to remind you who is on top of the DC food chain.

The sequel to the Superman reboot is not only not a Superman-focused movie but Superman doesn’t even get top billing. The Man of Steel sequel is now officially known as “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

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Marvel Comics Legend John Romita Jr. Moves to DC Comics to Draw Superman

john-romita-jr-superman-headerNormally, the movement of artists and writers from one publisher to another isn’t big headline news in the comic industry. However, most days don’t see the movement of a near 40-year veteran of the industry from one major player to the other big player.

John Romita Jr. has been working for Marvel Comics since 1978 with long stints drawing Iron Man, Spider-man and the X-Men. Now, he’s going to get a chance to draw the most iconic comic book superhero in the world. Romita is making the jump to DC Comics to draw Superman.

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This Fan-Made Batman/Superman Trailer is Your First Look at Batfleck and Walter White

Love it or hate it, Ben Affleck is Batman now. Okay, he’s Bruce Wayne. We’re still not sure how he’ll do as Bats. Now, reports say that Bryan Cranston will get his wish to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie (AKA Man of Steel 2). With that info, it’s never too early to see how Batman/Superman could turn out. We have this pretty cool trailer by Soylent Brak 1 that gives us our first almost-look at Batfleck and Walter White in the DC-verse.

DC Comics to Follow-up Man of Steel with Batman/Superman

superman-batman-logoDC Comics’ big follow-up to the massive success of Man of Steel isn’t the much-anticipated Justice League movie but a movie starring DC’s two biggest heroes. Superman and Batman will share the screen in 2015’s Batman/Superman.

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Man of Steel Scores the Biggest June Opening Weekend Ever

We knew that it was likely to be a big opening but I don’t think any of Superman’s biggest fans thought that it would be this good. The new Superman reboot “Man of Steel” scored the biggest opening weekend box office gross for the month of June of all-time with a US take of $125.1 million. Adding in the international totals, Man of Steel picked up $196.7 million.

The previous domestic record for a June opening weekend was $110.3 million for Toy Story 3 in June 2010. Man of Steel also far outpaced 2006’s Superman Returns which opened to $52.5 million in the US.

The Evolution of Superman’s Shield (Infographic)

It’s a common phrase from classic Superman stories. “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman! … I think it’s Superman. He looks a little different, don’t you think?”

Okay, that hasn’t actually been said but you could certainly understand why someone would say it. Over the 75 years since Superman made his first appearance in Action Comics #1, he’s changed his look a few times. In fact, the man of steel has sported over 20 different looks between comics, movies and TV.

For a timeline at those different looks, we have a handy infographic to show all of Supes different costumes.


Everything Wrong With Superman Returns

Good news, Man of Steel premieres tomorrow! Better news, no matter what happens, there’s no way that it can be a worse Superman movie than Superman Returns. In case you’ve forgotten how bad that movie was, here’s everything that was wrong with Superman Returns in six minutes (or less).

He’s Still Super: A New Man of Steel Trailer is Out

As a Superman fan, I am equal parts excited and scared of the upcoming Superman re-reboot Man of Steel. On the one hand, Christopher Nolan is involved as a producer and he brought rebooted Batman back from a joke to something closer to the comics. On the other hand, Man of Steel is being directed by Zack Snyder of 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch fame. That’s reason to be nervous.

However, the latest trailer for Man of Steel has me optimistic for June. After all, more Jor-El, more Jonathan Kent and more Lois Lane is a good thing.

Superman vs. Batman: Who Wins?

Ahead of next week’s release of the DC Comics fighting game Injustice, Jackie and I have been debating who would win in the ultimate fight between Batman and Superman. No other pair of battling superheroes can stir up the same debate that these two can, even the whole lot of Marvel heroes.

Yesterday, we made our cases for our superhero of choice. As a long time fan, Jackie said that Batman beats Superman. Being a fan since childhood, I said that Superman would beat the Bat. Now, it’s your turn to tell us which superhero would win the ultimate fight.
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